Why Wait Till Spring?

[printfriendly] Fall Gardening is a Season of Learning and Discovery. Any whiff of cool air in the morning or evening is a tap on the shoulder, a reminder that our yard-earth is ready for our hands and trowel and the introduction of new flowers and vegetables. The hot summer months, when even ardent gardeners only […]

Frost Protection Tips

[printfriendly] Stretch the Range of What’s Possible – Frost Protection to Extend the Season. I guess I’m like a lot of folks who love tropical plants. I do it for several reasons, their beautiful colorful flowers and delicious fruit brightens my garden and gives me a chance to escape to a tropical paradise in my […]

Kiwis Smooth or Fuzzy? You Decide!

[printfriendly] Kiwis – Smooth or Fuzzy? You Decide! Decisions, decisions; to fuzz or not to fuzz that is the question. Well, frankly my dear, you can have them both! Originating in China, and by way of New Zealand, Kiwi came to the USA in 1904. However it wasn’t until the 1960-70’s that the fruit became […]

Give Your Landscape a Little Spring Zing!

[printfriendly] Give Your Landscape a Little Spring Zing!    We’ve faired pretty well this winter, with only a handful of hard frost nights, but thankfully spring is just right around the corner. And here in the Deep South, Spring not only comes early, it comes with a host of blooming trees and shrubs to herald the […]