Last Open Day of 2014
Rainy Day Shoppers Having Some Fun
Rainy Day Shoppers

 It’s Christmas Eve and today’s the last day the nursery will open for 2014. We’re closing for the rest of the year, but will be back open on Friday January 2nd 2015.

Wow! it will soon be a brand new year. We’re looking forward to it, and introducing as many new souls as we can to growing their own food. 

 Like I said it’s a rainy day around here,so I put on my Panacea Nike’s and sloshed out in the rain to get some shots. Check out what happening!

Hardy Souls
Hardy Souls, doing Their Last Minute Shopping

 Freshly washed citrus, rain soaked and full of Florida sunshine. We love to wander out in the orchard with folks and eat them straight off the trees.

Rain Washed Citrus
Fresh Rain Washed Citrus


Mustard Greens in the Orchard
Feral Mustard’s in the Orchard











Feral mustard greens in the orchard These mustard greens reseed every year in the orchard, I think it was Florida Broad leaf that we planted. They seem to love it, the leaves are huge, they’re  tender and sweet as a mustard can get.

Camellias in Bloom
Camellia’s the Collection Grows




The camellias are just starting to really bloom, it’s hard to find a flower that is so colorful in the cold of winter. Our collection of camellia is growing, you’ll see a lot more of these in the nursery as time goes by.


2015 New Tomato Crop
2015 Tomato Crop Winding Up


These little tomato seedlings always remind me each year of the new growing season. Started in the darkest days of winter, they’re the hope of a new and exciting gardening year to come. 





Anyway, it’s been a great year. Thanks for all your support, we really couldn’t have done it with out you. We’ll see you in the new year!

Ted, Brandy, Marquetta, Steve, Leslie, Arel and Kim

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