Easy to Grow Fruits

[printfriendly] Easy to Grow Fruits If you’re new to gardening, and worried that your first effort to grow fruit will turn out to be a fruitless venture, the best place to begin is with easy to grow types of fruits. Easy to grow fruits are more forgiving of soil types, more disease resistant, and better […]

Tons of Veggies This Week at the Farm

We’ve got a lot happening this week at the farm: We have a new crop of delicious vegetables on the benches! Beautiful lettuces, kale, spinach, onions, delectable strawberries, broccoli, and more are overflowing the shelves. Herbs like bay leaf, peppermint, oregano, and aromatic rosemary are perfect additions for your garden; as well as a funky herb or two […]

Pruning Fruit Trees

[printfriendly] Pruning Fruit Trees It’s winter again, and the time for pruning fruit trees is at hand. Fruit tree pruning is not as difficult as most people think. Yes, it can be taken to the level of art, but the average backyard orchardist just wants to keep his trees healthy and productive, and low enough […]

Large Citrus and Stunning Blooms

It has been a great week at the farm. We are excited to have some new large citrus trees (and boy, do we mean large – 30 gallon large!)  There are choices of grapefruit, tangerine and oranges all for you ready to take home.  The new arrivals to the nursery are just superb! Candy colored alstroemerias, foxy foxgloves, […]

Growing Fresh Fruit at Home

[printfriendly] Growing Fresh Fruit at Home is Not Difficult Growing your own fruit allows you to provide for you and your family one of life’s true pleasures. Few people in modern society have any notion of what a fresh, tree ripened fruit tastes like. Most produce that comes into today’s grocery stores is bred for […]

Big Freeze – We Survived!

  We’re pleased to announce we have survived the big freeze. We may be thawing out still; but our nursery is loaded with outstanding color, beautiful shows and tasty citrus. It may seem like a daunting task to cover your garden; but protecting your tender trees and plants when the freezes approach will help to ensure healthy […]

Introducing the Titan Blueberry

  Titan™ Blueberry We have a new face here at the farm. We are now offering the Titan™ rabbit-eye blueberry. The Titan blueberry has berries that are 2 to 4 times the size of an average berry and have been seen up to the size of a quarter! These jumbo blueberries were developed by the University of Georgia and […]

Why Don’t My Fruit Trees Live Longer?

[printfriendly] Why Don’t My Fruit Trees Live Longer? Growing fruit trees in the Deep South can be a wonderful, rewarding hobby that can offer many tasty returns. We are blessed with a great climate that offers a huge range of fruits that can be successfully grown here; after all there are very few places in […]

Happy New Year!

Ringing in 2015 We’re back! Happy New Year It’s been a busy morning here at the nursery greeting both familiar and new faces alike! Folks are loading up on fruit trees and veggies getting their gardens ready for the new year.  The citrus orchard is full of delicious ripe treats. If you haven’t started growing your own […]

Last Open Day of 2014

 It’s Christmas Eve and today’s the last day the nursery will open for 2014. We’re closing for the rest of the year, but will be back open on Friday January 2nd 2015. Wow! it will soon be a brand new year. We’re looking forward to it, and introducing as many new souls as we can to growing […]