Growing Fruit Organically

[printfriendly] Growing Fruit Organically Growing your own fruit is one of the sweet pleasures in life. To be able to walk out your door and harvest a bowl of fresh blueberries for your cereal every summer morning is a feeling that comes close to heaven. Knowing that your fruit has been grown organically, is free […]

The Magic of Dark Foliage

[printfriendly] The Magic of Dark Foliage When it comes to color, gardeners tend to adopt one of several styles. There are those enamored of big, bold, brightly colored flowers; the prom-dress style. Others enjoy a softer palette of muted blues and whites; the evening gown style of gardening. Some appreciate the shadings of natural greens, […]

Highlights of the Winter Garden

[printfriendly] Highlights of the Winter Garden In winter citrus fruits of all sorts cheer the eye and palate. Among the hardiest, to 20-degrees Fahrenheit once established, is the very distinctive Chinotto (pronounced key-no’-toe) orange. The small, richly colored fruit aren’t particularly sweet but are prized in Italy for use in beverages. In the French confection […]

Edible Landscaping: Tasty Additions to a Beautiful Yard

Adding Tasty Additions to a Beautiful Yard For people with small yards, edible landscaping is a great way to have your beautiful garden, and eat it too. Can’t you see yourself now, walking out your door to pick some strawberries from the edging along a bed of mixed spicy greens like arugula, bright-light s chard […]

Some Things You Should Know About Fertilizer

[printfriendly] There is a big push to get people using more organic fertilizers, and for good reason. We’re seeing our lakes and streams polluted with phosphates and choked with algae from overuse and little understanding of how and what kind of fertilizers cause these problems. Does this mean we should stop using fertilizer? I think not; […]

Planting A Tree Correctly

[printfriendly] Planting A Tree Correctly Points to Remember: *Dig a hole 3 times wide but no deeper than the root ball of the tree *Amend the hole if your soil is poor or you are planting a tree that requires a richer soil. *Use the right amendment for the type of tree you are planting […]

Why Wait Till Spring?

[printfriendly] Fall Gardening is a Season of Learning and Discovery. Any whiff of cool air in the morning or evening is a tap on the shoulder, a reminder that our yard-earth is ready for our hands and trowel and the introduction of new flowers and vegetables. The hot summer months, when even ardent gardeners only […]

Frost Protection Tips

[printfriendly] Stretch the Range of What’s Possible – Frost Protection to Extend the Season. I guess I’m like a lot of folks who love tropical plants. I do it for several reasons, their beautiful colorful flowers and delicious fruit brightens my garden and gives me a chance to escape to a tropical paradise in my […]

Kiwis Smooth or Fuzzy? You Decide!

[printfriendly] Kiwis – Smooth or Fuzzy? You Decide! Decisions, decisions; to fuzz or not to fuzz that is the question. Well, frankly my dear, you can have them both! Originating in China, and by way of New Zealand, Kiwi came to the USA in 1904. However it wasn’t until the 1960-70’s that the fruit became […]

Give Your Landscape a Little Spring Zing!

[printfriendly] Give Your Landscape a Little Spring Zing!    We’ve faired pretty well this winter, with only a handful of hard frost nights, but thankfully spring is just right around the corner. And here in the Deep South, Spring not only comes early, it comes with a host of blooming trees and shrubs to herald the […]