Tomatoes are here!

tomato_4inchWooHoo!! The first crop of tomato plants are ready! These 4″ tomato pots are $1.99 each. Check out the varieties we have for you this week…

Cherry Tomato Varieties: Sun Gold, Sweet Million, Sweet 100, and Juliet 

Slicing Tomatoes: Green Zebra, Purple Cherokee, Arkansas Travel, Bush Celebrity, Mr. Stripey, and Better Bush Slicing Tomatoes

and… Speckled Roman Plum Tomatoes

assorted_perennialsred_lantanaI know you’re probably itching to start planting beautiful flowers in your gardens and we have a large selection of perennials. Red spreading lantana is a delightful, lipstick-red treat, fiery gaillardia for our spectacular winged friends, butterfly-blue with its delicate looking flowers (which is actually super tough), or experiment with some bush daisies – their rich yellow goodness will be sure to brighten your day!

We still have Camarosa, Sweet Charlie, and perennial strawberry plants available. Strawberries are great for growing in containers and in garden beds, mix them up with some flowers! 

fertrell_fertilizersIt’s February and now is the time to start fertilizing and if you’re into organics like we are… we have just the stuff for you! We offer Fertrell organic fertilizers in multiple size bags and mixtures. If you’re unsure of which variety you need, please ask us.

millonbells_hangingThe sales area is still loaded up with all kinds of goodies. Mystery 3-Gallon fruits: figs, peaches, apples, and pears all $9.99. Discount 3-Gallon persimmons $15.00.  You’ll find various discount 3-Gallon citrus $19.99. Large mystery figs and jujube trees are only $19.99. Chinquin and bottle brush are just $5.00. Great landscaping staples like gardenia and azaleas are there too, along with some great perennials. Don’t forget the sales area is first come first serve.

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