This Week at the Farm – Pit Tomato Update, Spring Color, and Joy Apples

This Week at the Farm – Pit Tomato Update, Spring Color, and Joy Apples

Tomato plant growing strong after freeze


UPDATE: Pit Tomatoes

Brrr. It was sure has been cold the last couple of nights, but our pit tomatoes made it through nice and warm. It is proving to be a great project for getting that early start on tomato season. Just take a look at these babies all cozy in their little dens! This week we’ve uploaded the instructional video for the pit tomatoes. Or, you may also view our step by step instructions.



petunia_supertunia verbena_lanai Salvia_leucantha

Spring is Knocking

It sure is welcoming to see the richness of spring color knocking at our door! The Bubble Gum Supertunia is an impressive petunia. Labeled SUPER for a reason, this guy is ready to bloom all summer long. Purple on Purple Salvia is a wonderful choice for butterflies and hummingbirds, and will give you blooms from summer to frost. Also known as Mexican Sage this salvia is more drought tolerant than other varieties.  Twister Pink Verbena is an easy to grow fragrant plant which hummingbirds and butterflies love! This stunning verbena is a wonderful ground cover specimen, and it also looks lovely trailing from containers. 

Joy Apple
Crisp and Delightful Joy Apples

Joy’s Apple

The Joy’s Apple is a great heirloom southern apple for our area. We don’t know the whole story on this fantastic apple, but the tree bears a wonderful crop of crisp, juicy apples much like the gala in flavor. We found this apple in Tallahassee with no other apple trees present, so it appears to be self fertile. Hey, even better!  

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