Edible Landscaping, Great Possibilities

[printfriendly] Edible Landscaping, Great Possibilities If you’re the type of person who loves simple pleasures like picking tree-ripened fruit or gathering homegrown veggies to create the salad of your dreams, then the edible landscape gives you a chance to do both: create an unusual distinctive landscape while also providing a bounty of more flavorful and […]

Native Azaleas – Spring is Blooming

NATIVE AZALEAS – SPRING IS BLOOMING Are you tired of looking at brown grass and leafless trees? Spark up the dreary end of winter with the cheer of early spring blooming native azaleas. Native azaleas, also called wild honeysuckle, are among the most popular early bloomers in the nursery. These lovely members of the Rhododendron […]

Mulberry – The First Fruit of Spring

[printfriendly] Mulberry – The First Fruit of Spring “All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel”. I don’t know where that monkey and weasel lived but here in Florida, mulberries are big trees. Fast growing, large shade trees, mulberry trees produce a fruit so delicious that a blackberry would weep in envy! Sweet, […]

This Week – Titan, Blooms, and Pit Tomatoes

 This Week at the Farm You asked us to bring you more Titan™ blueberries and we’ve delivered! Our stock has been replenished and they are available now. These plump berries will be sure to please blueberry lovers. This rabbit-eye variety grows beautiful, super sweet blueberries that are 2-4 times the size of an average blueberry! https://justfruitsandexotics.com/product/titan-blueberry-plant/ […]

Choosing the Right Fruit Tree Variety

   Choosing the right variety of fruit tree for your climate can be challaging. There are several factors that you should think about before you go out and buy a fruit tree. Start out by getting to know your climate. Fruit trees require things like correct chill hours, disease tolerance if your in a humid growing […]

Monthly Orchard Calendar

Monthly Fruit Tree Orchard Calendar  for Zones 8 through 9: This monthly fruit tree orchard calendar  is meant to be a general guide to many of the common tasks one does to maintain a fruit orchard. Actual spray programs, fertilizing, and pruning times can vary, due to insects, diseases, and the growing conditions which occur […]

Tomatoes are here!

WooHoo!! The first crop of tomato plants are ready! These 4″ tomato pots are $1.99 each. Check out the varieties we have for you this week… Cherry Tomato Varieties: Sun Gold, Sweet Million, Sweet 100, and Juliet  Slicing Tomatoes: Green Zebra, Purple Cherokee, Arkansas Travel, Bush Celebrity, Mr. Stripey, and Better Bush Slicing Tomatoes and… […]