This Week at the Farm

This week at the farm we’re happy to bring you stunning Florida native flowers, tropical staples, and the lovely gardens here at the nursery. 

Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Dr. Thomas G. Barnes

Florida Native Cardinal Flower 

The beautiful Lobelia cardinalis or Cardinal Flower is a native herbaceous perennial to Florida and much of the Eastern United States. The cardinal flower prefers part shade and moist to wet soils. The cardinal flower is an excellent choice to plant for a woodland, or natural garden, and fantastic near ponds. Hummingbirds enjoy the long tubular red flowers. Grows 2′-4′. Come by and check out several native flowers that work beautifully in our area.

tropicalhibiscusTropical hibiscus are impressive with their large, theatrical blooms. Perfect in containers for adding a cheerful burst of color to your landscape.

azaleanativeWe would like to invite poppies4315
you to come out to the farm and enjoy the gorgeous scenery, listen to the birds singing their songs, and inhale the sweet intoxicating aroma of the delightful citrus blossoms perfuming the air.



Our kitchen garden is abundant with beautiful lettuces, kale, and herbs and speckled throughout the poppies are on fire with their brilliant orange blooms.

Take a walk around the nursery gardens and grounds, the native azaleas are still putting on their spectacular show of vivid hues which is an incredible sight to see!

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