Big Freeze – We Survived!


freeze protection 4We’re pleased to announce we have survived the big freeze. We may be thawing out still; but our nursery is loaded with outstanding color, beautiful shows and tasty citrus. leather leaf mahonia flower 2It may seem like a daunting task to cover your garden; but protecting your tender trees and plants when the freezes approach will help to ensure healthy plants and lasting blooms. Here at the nursery we have a lot to protect and we are eager to take those few extra steps to preserve our plants and their happiness. 

The blooms of the Mahonia are quite spectacular, with it’s bright lemon shower cascading above the deep green foliage. Mahonia is a great nectar and pollen source for the bees this time of year when their selection is light.Pink Perfection Camellia

The ever beautiful camellia is show stopping with the different varieties looking picturesque with it’s classic blossoms.

gaillardia arizona sunWarm up with the intense crimson and gold Gaillardia Arizona Sun or blanket flower. Leave the seed heads on at the end of the season to treat the occasional gold finch who is passing through. 

Clarke's White Flowering QuinceYou’ll also find the Clark’s White Quince flowering fantastically on its bare branches. Such a sight to see. The Clark’s White Quince is wonderful for freshening up those dreary winter days by harvesting branches with unopened flowers, as they begin to bloom the pure white clusters will be sure to remind of you warmer spring days just around the corner.




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