News from the Farm

Summer Siesta is over and the nursery is BACK OPEN!!. It has been a fantastic summer with lots of great adventures and fun in the sun. Luckily we fared extremely well through the hurricanes this year. For us, there was very little of the rain or wind compared to further east of us, just a few broken branches here and there. […]

Thinning the Art of Fruit Size

Everyone wants to have the largest sized fruit they can grow. Beyond good watering and regular fertilizing, one of the best-kept secrets to obtaining maximum fruit size is to thin the fruit load on your trees. Thinning is the act of removing part of the crop to allow the tree to maximize the size of […]

Sherbet Berry-New Fruit for the South

Looking for something unusual, exotic, tasty and good for you? Try the Sherbet Berry tree! Also known as Phalsa (Grewsia asiatica), the Sherbet Berry fruit is popular in India for making refreshing fruit or soft drinks enjoyed during the hot summer months. The blueberry sized fruit has a pleasant tangy sweet sherbet-like flavor and is […]

Bananas-Add some Tropical to Your Garden

If you lust for warm sunny beaches and tropical jungles then growing bananas trees in your garden is a sure way to transport yourself to the tropics without an expensive plane ticket. Fruiting your own bananas gives you a rare treat that few gardeners can enjoy. In the landscape, the broad, flat leaves of the […]

A Passion for Passion Vines

A Passion for Passion Vines When you’re looking for a vine for that special trellis, fence or arbor, the passion vine (Passiflora species) should be at the top of your list. Passion vines are one of the most beautiful twiners that we can grow here. The exotic blooms are not only fascinating to look at; […]

Good Bugs in the Garden

As spring goes into full swing, gardeners everywhere are gearing up to plant their gardens and are getting ready to do whatever it takes to protect what they’ve planted from the hungry hoards of bugs. Many are working to grow their vegetables with organic methods, and one of the best ways to do that is […]

Mayhaws –Wild Legacy of the South

There are few fruits and can be claimed as regional. Mayhaws are one of the few. Found only growing in the swamps and on the river banks of the states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and East Texas, the mayhaw has been one of the best kept secrets of the south. The jelly made from […]

Paw Paw So Easy to Grow-So Delicious

Native fruits are often a mixed bag. Tough, disease resistant, and easy to grow, but often to too small to be considered really good eats. The paw paw breaks with the norm. Known as the largest wild edible fruit in North America, it is usually found in the moist shady hardwood forests of the eastern […]

Enjoy Tree Ripened Figs

 For foodies, tree ripened figs are a true delicacy. Most store bought figs do not come close to resembling the rich flavor of a tree ripened fig.  Picked at their height in flavor, figs offer a rich, sweet blend of maple syrup, caramelized apple, and honey toned flavors. Some varieties, like Violette De Bordeaux are […]

Lichen in the Orchard and Why you Should be Concerned

We get a lot of repeat questions at the nursery, and one of the common ones is “What’s this moss stuff growing on my trees bark? This moss is a form of lichen, which is a wonderful little ecosystem of fungus and algae or bacterium. Pretty to look at, this symbiotic colony will form on […]