Holiday Table Decorations Using Your Own Backyard Bounty

Whether you plan to celebrate with just a few close friends or you’re hosting the entire family, plus some, this year, having holiday table decorations using your own backyard bounty is a quick and simple way to make your space festive. Everything we used to decorate our holiday table this year can be found at our nursery this time of year, including persimmons, pomegranates, pecans and eucalyptus. So we’re sharing tips and tricks on how to decorate using your own backyard bounty!


Use Colors of the Season

We’re not just talking about red and green. We’re talking about the colors of the edible fruitscape you’ve been growing all year. The orange of persimmons, the red of pomegranate, the golden yellow of pears, the earthy brown of pecans and the greens of herbs like rosemary and eucalyptus. Pairing those seasonal colors with light and dark contrasts of place settings will make a comfy, yet sophisticated ambiance.


Make it Shine

We added some contrast to all those seasonal colors by using dark bronze candlestick holders. Paired with white candles and white plates, it actually helps make all the colors pop. We’ve chosen to highlight all the colors we found in our backyard bounty, but you could just as easily choose one or two for a more elevated look. Black and white place settings, with greenery and orange persimmons for Thanksgiving, can easily be transformed into Christmas-ready holiday table decorations simply by swapping out red pomegranates for the persimmons.


Add in textures

What linens you use will be dictated by the vibe you want. We paired our backyard bounty table decorations with organic cotton napkins in a gray and white striped pattern. As well as name tags and menus on hand-torn kraft paper. Doing so kept in theme with the farm-to-table feel we’re going for.  If you want a more elevated experience, consider linens in more luxurious textures like velvet or satin. The key is to keep it simple and not over-style.


By using what’s available in your own backyard, your holiday table decorations can be simple, yet stunning, this year!

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