Ground Covers as Mulch Alternatives

Rows of purple flowers

Ground covers are low-growing plants that serve as effective mulch alternatives. These lush and beautiful plants are a great way to beautify your orchard, suppress weeds, and nutrify your soil. If you’re interested in adding some mulch alternatives to your orchard, read through a few of our favorite ground cover options below.


The bright red creeping thyme, soft lilac wooly thyme, and fragrant lemon thyme all grow densely to eliminate weeds in your orchard. For healthy and bountiful thyme, make sure it has well-drained soil and receives plenty of sunlight.


Instead of a bed of weeds, add a bed of flowers to your orchard with phlox. Phlox comes in a variety of bright colors that spread vigorously through a landscape. The best part about phlox is the many butterflies you’ll find around them during the springtime. To ensure it stays beautiful year-round, give it well-drained soil and direct sunlight. 


Cranesbill is the perfect ground cover if you’re looking for something that can tolerate the scorching Florida heat. Additionally, unlike other ground covers, cranesbill doesn’t spread as quickly, making it much easier to control if you’re looking to fill a small space. 


This bright blue and eclectic ground cover option is efficient for areas with high foot traffic. Bugleweed is durable enough to handle a few accidental steps. Therefore, we suggest planting bugleweed near pathways. Additionally, bugleweed requires very minimal maintenance. 


If you’re looking for something durable and low-maintenance, stonecrop is for you. Stonecrop can withstand heat, humidity, droughts, and foot traffic. It’s also pretty much maintenance-free. You’ll even get rewarded with a colorful summer blooming season.


If you’re looking to add a ground cover to a large area of your orchard, mazus covers a lot of ground fast and grows up to 2 inches tall. Mazus also has stunning orchid-like florals that add dimension to landscapes. 

Crimson Clover: 

These red or white florals are a popular form of weed control. They are highly effective because they add to the nitrogen pool through nitrogen fixation and scavenge it from the soil. They are also relatively easy to maintain. 


We hope this inspires you to change to replace your mulch with an eye-catching ground cover as an effective weed-suppressing alternative. Browse through our site or call us today to find the right ground cover for your orchard!