Small Trees for Small Yards

Choosing Small Trees for Small Yards One of the major concerns facing many of today’s gardeners is how to fit a flowering or shade tree into the tiny yards of modern suburbs. Choosing the right plant material is crucial to the success of any landscape project, and trees especially require extra thought. Although it is […]

Unusual Fruits Should Be Grown More

Unusual Fruits Should Be Grown More Cruising down the produce aisle can be an eye-opening experience these days. Our new age grocery stores and TV cooking channels have opened up a new world of fruits and ways for adventurous cooks to prepare them. One click on the internet and you can get a page of […]

Back Yard Eden’s: Plant a Berry Patch

Back Yard Eden’s: Plant a Berry Patch Growing your own orchard or just having a few fruit tree in the backyard offers one of the most satisfying forms of gardening. So what about adding a little berry patch or a small vineyard to the mix? Imagine summer months filled with blue stained fingers from picking […]

Frost and Freeze Protection

There are many reasons why we need to pay attention to frost and freeze protection of plants. . In fall, we want to stretch to season, gathering those last tomatoes and peppers. In winter, we have to protect our greens, citrus, and tender perennials from arctic blasts. And in early spring, we want to get […]

Mandarin Melonberry Cudrania tricuspidata A truly uncommon fruit

Mandarin Melonberry is probably one of the most overlooked and remains still a jewel awaiting discovery. Mandarin melonberry, aka Che, has a long history of being grown for both food and medicine in China. Europeans carried the tree to France and England, and it arrived in the states over a century ago. The fruit was […]

Selecting and Planting Citrus Trees

Living in Florida certainly has its advantages, warm sunny summers, and mild warm winters. We happen to live and garden in one of the rare climates where we can grow citrus fruit. In the central part of the state citrus groves are everywhere, and here in North Florida, with some careful selection and good cultural […]

Why Wait Till Spring

Any whiff of cool air in the morning or evening is a tap on the shoulder, a reminder that our yard-earth is ready for our hands and trowel and the introduction of new flowers and vegetables. The hot summer months, when even ardent gardeners only view the natural world from inside air-conditioned cars and houses, […]

Best Times to Plant a Fruit Tree

One of the questions most frequently asked at the nursery is, “When is the best time to plant my fruit trees? Beyond the most obvious answers of the sooner the better, or three years ago so you would be harvesting fruit now, there are some good guidelines of when to plant and how to choose […]

News from the Farm

Summer Siesta is over and the nursery is BACK OPEN!!. It has been a fantastic summer with lots of great adventures and fun in the sun. Luckily we fared extremely well through the hurricanes this year. For us, there was very little of the rain or wind compared to further east of us, just a few broken branches here and there. […]

Thinning the Art of Fruit Size

Everyone wants to have the largest sized fruit they can grow. Beyond good watering and regular fertilizing, one of the best-kept secrets to obtaining maximum fruit size is to thin the fruit load on your trees. Thinning is the act of removing part of the crop to allow the tree to maximize the size of […]