News from the Farm
Just Fruits and Exotics

Summer Siesta is over and the nursery is BACK OPEN!!. It has been a fantastic summer with lots of great adventures and fun in the sun. Luckily we fared extremely well through the hurricanes this year. For us, there was very little of the rain or wind compared to further east of us, just a few broken branches here and there. We hope all our friends throughout the southeast fared as well. Let us know how you are doing.

Lots of interesting happenings at the farm. We’ve been working on a great new crop of fruit trees to share with you this year. Many new interesting fruits and strange vegetables were added to the collection this year as well as all the old favorites. We’re excited to be adding new perennial vegetables like Wakulla Multiplying onions, LSU Groundnut and Lemon Verbena, all good choices for the permaculture homestead.

Weeping Persimmon Tree

We are always working to add no spray, easy to grow fruits that work well for organic gardeners. There are some great new jujubes, Li and Lang and a couple of new varieties of melon berries Norris and JF female.  In the berry patch we’ve got the new University of Arkansas blackberries Prime-Ark Freedom, Prime-Ark Traveler and Prime-Ark 45, this group of blackberries will fruit twice a year and the berries are large and sweet. Itsaul is a new raspberry that is heat tolerant for our area. We’re up to 45 varieties of citrus now with the new additions of Ray’s Ruby grapefruit and  Shiranui Tangerine. Shiranui is a Japanese hybrid cross of a Kiyomi tangor and Ponkan tangerine,  it is believed to be the best tasting citrus in the world. We still carry a wide range of old tried and true varieties with lots of figs, pears, and persimmons.

Onion-Medart-MultiplierGround NutShiranui TangerineBlackberry OuchitaJust fruits and exotics

The gardens and orchards are truly glorious this year. We have not had the rain in past years like we have had this year, it’s like a lush tropical jungle out there. The orchards are starting to ripen persimmons and there are still a few soft pears to try. Wandering the orchards and garden is a great way to get an idea on how these trees will look in your gardens and there are always plenty of great edible landscaping ideas to borrow.

The days are cooling and it will soon be fall. It’s such a great time to be outside, don’t miss the chance to get out and see the last of a beautiful summer. Load up the kids, crazy in-laws and your favorite outlaws,  strap some water toys onto the car and pack your favorite munchies. It’s time to hit the back roads of Wakulla County, check out the beach, eat some great seafood and as always stop off at your favorite funky nursery -Just Fruits and Exotics…We’d love to see ya….