Fruiting, Fuzzy Female Kiwi Vine. Needs a Fuzzy Male Kiwi Vine for Pollination
Due to strict agricultural laws, we CANNOT ship any plants to the states of California, Hawaii, or Alaska.
Fuzzy Kiwi

Vincent Female Kiwi Vine

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Introducing the Vincent Female Kiwi Vine, a stunning and productive addition to your garden. With its deliciously sweet fruit and vigorous growth, this vine is perfect for any kiwi enthusiast. Order online now to enjoy a taste of this delectable fruit.

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Chill Hours 100 c.u.
Cold Hardy 10°-15°
Growing Zone 8A - 9B
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Product Description

Vincent Female Kiwi Vine: Experience the Exotic Delight

About the Fruit

The Vincent Female Kiwi Vine is a tropical treasure that brings the taste of paradise to your doorstep. With its smooth, emerald green skin and luscious, tangy-sweet flesh, this fruit is a burst of tropical flavor in every bite. Whether eaten fresh, added to smoothies, or used in desserts, the Vincent Female Kiwi Vine delivers a unique and refreshing taste that will transport you to a sun-kissed oasis.

What to Know About the Plant

The Vincent Female Kiwi Vine is an evergreen climber that adds a touch of exotic beauty to any garden. It features heart-shaped, deep green leaves that create a lush backdrop for its delicate, fragrant flowers. This vine is a vigorous grower, capable of reaching heights of up to 20 feet, making it perfect for trellises, arbors, or pergolas. Its sprawling nature adds a sense of enchantment to your outdoor space, creating a tropical ambiance that is sure to impress.

Harvest Season

Get ready to indulge in the deliciousness of the Vincent Female Kiwi Vine during its harvest season, which typically falls in late summer to early fall. As the vibrant green fruits ripen, they develop a soft texture and a sweet taste that is truly irresistible. Imagine plucking the ripe kiwis straight from the vine and savoring their tropical goodness, or using them to add a tropical twist to your favorite recipes. The harvest season of the Vincent Female Kiwi Vine is a time of pure delight.

Enhancing Your Fruitscape™

Elevate your fruitscape™ to new heights of beauty and exotic charm with the addition of the Vincent Female Kiwi Vine. This stunning vine not only provides a striking visual display but also offers a wealth of delicious fruits. Train it along a pergola to create a shaded oasis, or let it climb up a trellis to add a touch of whimsy to your garden. The Vincent Female Kiwi Vine is a versatile plant that can be incorporated into any fruitscape™ design, bringing a touch of the tropics to your outdoor space.

At Just Fruits and Exotics, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality plants directly to your doorstep. Our Vincent Female Kiwi Vine is shipped 100% in pot, ensuring that you receive a healthy and robust plant, just like buying in person. With our superior packaging and easy shipping, your vine will arrive in perfect condition, ready to thrive in your garden. As a nationally renowned, family-owned and operated online nursery, we bring a trusted, local-friendly vibe to your online shopping experience. Join our family of satisfied customers and experience the exotic delight of the Vincent Female Kiwi Vine today.

Chill Hours100 c.u.
Cold Hardy10°-15°
Container PlantNo
Growing Zone8A, 8B, 9A, 9B
Mature Height12-15 FT
Mature Width8-10 FT
PollinatorNeeds a Fuzzy Male Kiwi Vine for Pollination.  Recommend the Tomuri Male Kiwi Vine.
Spacing8-10 FT
SunlightPart to Full
Planting & Care

Recommended Fertilizers

Starter Fertilizer: Kickstart with Espoma Organic Bio-tone® Starter Plus. This potent blend boosts root mass and aids in mitigating transplant shock, ensuring your plants thrive in their new home.

Maintenance Fertilizer: For continued growth and fruit production, we recommend Espoma Organic Tree-tone Fertilizer. Designed specifically for fruit trees, this balanced formula nourishes your plants, promoting vibrant growth and bountiful harvests.

Fruitscaping™ with Kiwi Vines

Introduce an exotic twist to your edible landscape with our Kiwi Vines. These versatile climbers are not only valued for their tasty fruit but also add a tropical appeal to your garden, making them a standout choice for Fruitscaping™.

Kiwi vines appreciate fertile, well-drained soils with a slightly acidic to neutral pH range. Enrich the planting site with generous amounts of compost or aged manure, which helps improve soil structure and water holding capacity. Mulching with organic materials, like straw or wood chips, will help to retain moisture and suppress weed growth.

The kiwi fruits themselves are a delightful treat, offering a sweet-tangy flavor that’s perfect for fresh eating, salads, or desserts. Depending on the variety, you can enjoy the classic green kiwi or explore unique golden or red varieties.

Kiwi vines are visually captivating with their twining growth habit. They require sturdy support, like a trellis or arbor, which they adorn with their vibrant foliage and fragrant, white flowers. Paired with other climbers like grapevines or flowering vines, they can create a stunning, vertical display in your garden.

Remember to plan for both male and female plants when growing kiwi, as they usually require cross-pollination for fruit production. The growth of kiwi vines may be vigorous, but with regular pruning and care, they can be managed effectively, resulting in an abundant yield.

Embrace the enticing world of Fruitscaping™ with Kiwi Vines. From the initial planting to the satisfying harvest, growing your own kiwi is a fulfilling endeavor that beautifully blends gardening with gastronomy.

Growing Guides

You can find many planting & care guides on our growing guides page.

Shipping Info

Shipping Restrictions

Unfortunately, We Cannot Process Orders to California, Hawaii, Alaska, or Internationally:  Please note that due to specific agricultural regulations, we’re unable to ship any plants to the states of California, Hawaii, and Alaska, or outside the United States. Additionally, citrus trees can only be shipped within the state of Florida.

Shipping Information

Before Your Plants Arrive: You can find many guides on unpacking, planting, & care, on our growing guides page.

The Journey From Our Nursery to Your Door:  We NEVER ship our plants bare root. Your plant will travel in the very container in which it was nurtured. We thoroughly prune and water them before packing, and make sure they’re well wrapped to retain moisture during transit. It’s as though you’ve personally collected them from our nursery!

Choose Your Ship Date: We understand you’ll want to be available when your plant arrives. Our checkout process features a handy calendar that allows you to choose the Monday on which you want your plant to ship. Depending on your location, you’ll likely receive your plant by Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of that week. Once shipped, UPS will generate a tracking number and send it to the email you provided. You can then follow your plant’s journey and ensure someone is available to unpack it on arrival day.

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