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Pakistan Mulberry Tree

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The Pakistan Mulberry Tree is a beautiful and fruitful addition to any garden. With its juicy and flavorful berries, this tree is sure to delight. Order online now for a taste of this exotic treat.

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Cold Hardy 20-25°
Growing Zone 9A - 10B
Pollinator Self Fertile
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Product Description

Pakistan Mulberry Tree: Savor the Silk Route Sweetness

About the Fruit

The Pakistan Mulberry is an exquisite fruit that evokes the lush orchards of ancient trade routes. This elongated berry, sometimes reaching over 3 inches in length, offers an irresistible combination of sweetness and a hint of tartness. Its deep, ruby red hues give way to a juicy, succulent flesh that is perfect for fresh snacking, delectable jams, or a unique twist in pies and desserts. The Pakistan Mulberry is a rare treat that is both delightful to the palate and a nutritional powerhouse, packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

What to Know About the Tree

The Pakistan Mulberry tree is a stunning addition to any garden with its attractive, broad leaves and robust stature. It is a deciduous tree that amazes with its rapid growth, reaching up to 15-20 feet in ideal conditions. Known for its hardiness, it requires minimal care and adapts well to different climates, making it a popular choice among both novice and experienced gardeners. Its ability to withstand urban conditions also makes it a practical choice for city landscapes.

Harvest Season

Anticipation for the Pakistan Mulberry harvest begins as the tree transitions into spring, with fruits ripening from late spring through summer. The bountiful yield of these unique berries provides an extended season of harvesting pleasure. Imagine stepping outside to pluck these luscious fruits, fresh off the branches, for months at a time, a truly gratifying experience for any fruit tree enthusiast.

Enhancing Your Fruitscape™

Integrate the Pakistan Mulberry tree into your fruitscape™ to create a living tapestry of taste and beauty. Its lush foliage offers a verdant backdrop to your outdoor space, which comes alive with the flutter of birds and butterflies drawn to its sweet fruits. Whether planted as a focal point or integrated with other fruiting companions, its presence elevates the sensory appeal of your garden. A fruitscape™ graced with the Pakistan Mulberry tree is not just a visual delight but an invitation to indulge in the homegrown splendor of exotic flavors.

Choose Just Fruits and Exotics for your Pakistan Mulberry tree, where we guarantee a product shipped 100% in pot, replicating the experience of an in-person nursery visit. Our superior packaging and straightforward shipping process ensure your tree arrives in pristine condition. As a family-owned and operated, nationally renowned online nursery, we offer the trust and care of a local shop with the convenience of online shopping. Elevate your fruitscape™ with a Pakistan Mulberry tree and join our thriving community of fruit lovers today.

Cold Hardy20-25°
Container PlantNo
GraftedNo, on its own root system
Growing Zone9A, 9B, 10A, 10B
Mature Height20-25 FT
Mature Width15-20 FT
PollinatorSelf Fertile
Spacing15-20 FT
SunlightPart to Full
Planting & Care

Recommended Fertilizers

Starter Fertilizer: Kickstart with Espoma Organic Bio-tone® Starter Plus. This potent blend boosts root mass and aids in mitigating transplant shock, ensuring your plants thrive in their new home.

Maintenance Fertilizer: For continued growth and fruit production, we recommend Espoma Organic Tree-tone Fertilizer. Designed specifically for fruit trees, this balanced formula nourishes your plants, promoting vibrant growth and bountiful harvests.

Fruitscaping™ with Mulberry Trees

Step into the world of Fruitscaping™ with our Mulberry Trees. Renowned for their sweet and luscious fruits and ornamental beauty, mulberries add a blend of functionality and aesthetics to any garden.

Mulberry trees bear elongated fruits that are juicy, sweet, and perfect for fresh eating. Their intense flavor also shines through when used in jams, pies, wines, or just enjoyed right off the tree – a summer delight you don’t want to miss.

Thriving in full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil, Mulberry Trees are impressively adaptable. They are robust, fast-growing, and can withstand a variety of climates, making them a perfect fit for various landscapes.

Mulberry trees add an instant appeal to any setting with their broad, lush foliage that provides ample shade during hot summers. In addition, their sturdy and graceful form serves as an excellent windbreak or privacy screen when planted in a row.

Integrate Mulberry Trees into your Fruitscaping™ design alongside other fruit trees like apple and cherry for a diverse harvest season. Their generous shade and fruits also attract an array of birds, adding a vibrant touch of nature to your backyard.

Embrace the joy of Fruitscaping™ with Mulberry Trees. From planting and care to enjoying your homegrown mulberries, this rewarding journey is an exciting gardening adventure.

Growing Guides

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Shipping Info

Shipping Restrictions

Unfortunately, We Cannot Process Orders to California, Hawaii, Alaska, or Internationally:  Please note that due to specific agricultural regulations, we’re unable to ship any plants to the states of California, Hawaii, and Alaska, or outside the United States. Additionally, citrus trees can only be shipped within the state of Florida.

Shipping Information

Before Your Plants Arrive: You can find many guides on unpacking, planting, & care, on our growing guides page.

The Journey From Our Nursery to Your Door:  We NEVER ship our plants bare root. Your plant will travel in the very container in which it was nurtured. We thoroughly prune and water them before packing, and make sure they’re well wrapped to retain moisture during transit. It’s as though you’ve personally collected them from our nursery!

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