Crawfordville Nursery Remains OPEN

In 2021 we are continuing to take safety precautions for our employees and customers.  Every area of the nursery operations is open, except our indoor retail shop.  Customers are encouraged to follow social distance guidelines, and employees remain at a distance while customers browse under our covid “Self Service” guidelines.

Self Service:   You may continue to enjoy the nursery grounds, browsing the outside retail area to select your plants.  However, employees will no longer be allowed to assist you directly.  If you have a question, you may speak to our retail employees (By the building) from behind the marked barrier.   Please keep at least 10+ Feet distance from any employees or other customers.  We have 8 acres of land, so there is plenty of space to stay spread out.  When you are ready to checkout, you will place your plants in the marked area by the outside register.  The cashier will checkout your plants from behind the barrier.

Curbside Pickup: You may remain in your car and call us at 850-926-5644.   Our first available staff member will take your order & payment by phone.   We will then bring the plants to your car.  Please take into account, that our phone lines have been very busy during this process.  Please leave a messsage, and we will call back all customers, asap, in order of the messages recieved.

Hours of Operation:  We are keeping our normal hours of operation, 9am-5pm everyday EXCEPT Tuesdays. We are closed on Tuesdays.  We keep our hours consistently updated on google, so if are ever unsure, search us on google and the open hours will be accurate.

Thank You! We understand this is not ideal.  We are known for our exceptional service & expertise, and it is very difficult for us to be able to provide that at this time.  However, in order to stay open, keep everyone safe, and abide by state orders, this is our best option.

Online Orders & Deliveries Have Not Changed at All

All Deliveries Still On Time So Far:   We are constantly keeping in touch with UPS regarding any anticipated delay’s, however so far there have been no interruptions.  So if ordering online, continue as normal.  If we recieve word of potential delays to any areas we will notify the customers and make adjustments to ensure the health of the plants during the delivery process.

Local Delivery &/Or Installation Continues

Deliveries:  We can deliver your plants to you for an additional cost (Costs vary based on distance and location).  For local residents we deliver your plants ourselves.  For distances out of our scope, we send them via UPS as we do all of our national plant sales through our online website.   Please note on local deliveries, we have had an uptick of customers desiring deliveries as soon as possible, in order to garden while there is not much open to do. We are a family business and our employees are currenlty working overtime.  With this said, we will make your delivery as fast as possible, tt just depends on your location and our staffs time.   If you desire your plants immediately, we encourage curbside pickup if you can make it, as it is no cost & much faster.

Installation:  Our team will be continuing plant installation projects.  If you are intereste in having your plants both delievered & installed (Costs Vary), contact us at 850-926-5644 or email us information about your project at