Florida’s Cold Hardiest Plants

Temperatures have finally started to drop in Florida, and it’s feeling more like Fall. This is great for us Floridians, but the fluctuations in temperatures can be harmful to our plants. Florida falls in growing zones 8-10 because our winters don’t get very cold. Still, some plants can’t withstand Florida’s lowest temperatures. Keep reading to learn more about some of Florida’s cold hardiest plants!

Japanese Boxwood

These broadleaf shrubs are grown for their shiny, green leaves that can withstand the cool temperatures of wintertime. Typically used as ornamental plants, Japanese Boxwood shrubs make stunning hedges!


Azaleas are used as ornamental shrubs and have beautiful pink and white flowers that appear in the springtime. They’re known as a Southern classic because they grow very well and look great all year round. 

Rose Dawn Camellia

The Rose Dawn Camellia is a cold hardy, slow growing plant that produces alluring pink blooms starting in early Spring. The combination of large, glossy leaves and pops of pink florals make these plants a nice addition to any landscape!


These evergreen shrubs have silvery-green foliage and produce small fragrant flowers. The Silverthorn shrub is very tolerant and resistant to different types of damage but requires consistent maintenance to look nice. 

Foxtail Asparagus Fern

The Foxtail Asparagus Fern is a fun addition to any landscape that can be added to garden beds or placed in planters as decor. The dense, green leaves can provide contrasting textures and colors to any landscape. 


Hydrangeas make lovely shrubbery for landscapes between the glossy, green foliage and vibrant purple, pink, and blue flowers. The variations between colors of the clusters of flowers make these plants extra exciting!

Red Fountain Grass

Red Fountain Grass is an ornamental grass with crimson red leaves and feathery, tail-like blooms. This warm-weather plant is perfect for Florida landscapes!

Living in Florida, we don’t have to worry much about temperatures dropping too low. Nevertheless, it’s important to know how cold hardy your plants are so you know what to expect and how to properly care for them. You can shop each of the mentioned plant varieties on our website or in-person at the nursery! Contact us to learn more.

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