Your garden doesn’t have to end with summer. Some of our favorite Fruitscape™ plants are grown in the fall! Check out our fall gardening tips below to make your garden go from seasonal to year-round.

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Our fall gardening tips are all about incorporating edible landscaping, or as we like to call it Fruitscaping™. Which is as easy as making simple swaps. And there’s no better time than the fall months here in Florida to do just that.

Love hydrangeas but want more variety? One of our favorites is blueberries . Not only do they provide fruit, you can also treat them like any other hedge. A blueberry hedge adds nice greenery and privacy. For best fruit production, we recommend planting a variety of blueberry bushes.

Not only will a blueberry hedge feed your family, it’s also a fun, safe activity to do with the family to help beat COVID-19 boredom. To see what we have in stock currently, click here , and get started on your own blueberry hedge this fall!

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Thank you, our Just Fruits family, for making our new tropicals category such a success! With varieties like moringa , pineapple and miracle fruit, it’s never been easier to grow your own tropical oasis!

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Wondering what Moringa is, how to grow it and what to do with it? Moringa is a tree native to India that has been used for centuries as an antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory. If you’re in Florida it’s worth growing your own! While it doesn’t tolerate hard freezes, which can happen in Zones 8 and 9, well-established plants will return.

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Pineapple plants have grown in popularity lately too, especially as container plants. Try growing one on your porch! Rooting can take a couple of months, and it’s likely it will take two or three years to get fruit. But that’s what makes pineapple plants great indoor or porch container plants. They have beautiful spikey foliage to enjoy while the fruit grows!

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Miracle Fruit

Another tropical favorite is the Miracle Fruit, or Miracle Berry. When you eat the berry, food tastes sweeter. And it’s attractive and easy to grow too! It’s an evergreen shrub that produces edible red fruit. These berries mask the taste of bitter and sour foods, like vinegar and lemons. Outdoor plants can grow as tall as 20-feet, with container plants can grow as big as five-feet.

And remember, almost all tropicals are container friendly. So why not add one or two, or 12, to your home today!

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Spring is usually when we think of planting herbs, but in Florida we’re able to grow herbs in the fall too! Whether in your garden or in containers, here’s a couple herbs we recommend trying out this fall.

Jamaican Mint , also known as Costa Rican Mint, gives a savory minty flavor to foods. So turn up the flavor of your Thanksgiving stuffing with some Jamaican Mint! While it won’t survive a freeze, you can plant it in a container and keep it comfortable throughout cooler months!

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Another herb recommendation is the Curry Leaf Tree . No, it’s not the one used to make curry powder. But this tree’s leaves are used in Indian, Thai and Asian recipes. Just pick the fragrant, anise-citrus flavored leaves and add them to a saute, curry, or even spicy chutney!

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