We Love to Hear from You!

We ship a lot of plants out. We love to hear back from you about what you think about our plants and our service.  Like proud parents we can’t help but share. Here’s what some of our great customers are saying! Shanes Plant comparision 1 mail order plant sizesShane, Alachua Fl “I received my order today and let me tell you, I am extremely pleased with everything! I was hesitant because of the high shipping charges but after reading your reasons it made perfect sense. I purchased 4 kiwis from another mail order nursery a few weeks ago for about the same price each. Your kiwis blow them out of the water! I took pictures of a side by side comparison that I’m sending to you, so you can show people complaining about high shipping the difference in quality. He have 74 fruit trees, dozens of berries and grapes. We are always buying new stuff and you will absolutely have a return customer. You also reduced my shipping costs, I’m assuming because we live so close, and I greatly appreciate the honesty on reducing the price. Thanks Again, Shane”

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