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Sugarloaf Pineapple Plant

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Savor the exotic Sugarloaf Pineapple Plant, celebrated for its sweet, white flesh and robust growth. Order online now for a tropical twist at home.

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Cold Hardy 20-25°
Container Plant Container Friendly
Growing Zone 9A - 11B
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Product Description

Sugarloaf Pineapple Plant: Savor the Peak of Tropical Perfection

About the Fruit

The Sugarloaf Pineapple is a tropical treasure, revered for its sweet, white flesh that’s low in acidity, making it a favorite among pineapple connoisseurs. Its cylindrical shape and smooth, vibrant skin encase luscious fruit that’s perfect for eating fresh, juicing, or incorporating into exotic dishes. The Sugarloaf Pineapple elevates the taste of the tropics to sublime new heights with every succulent bite.

What to Know About the Tree

The Sugarloaf Pineapple Plant, while not a tree, is a stunning, drought-tolerant bromeliad that adds an exotic touch to any setting. This evergreen beauty, with its sword-like leaves and robust central stem, reaches up to 2-3 feet in height and width. Its regal appearance is complemented by the striking fruit it bears, which sits like a crown atop the foliage. This plant is not only a visual delight but also an easy-to-grow gem that thrives under a variety of conditions.

Harvest Season

Anticipation builds as the Sugarloaf Pineapple Plant’s harvest season approaches in late spring through summer. It’s a joyous occasion when the pineapples reach their pinnacle of ripeness, signaling it’s time to savor their exquisite flavor. The sight of these noble fruits nestled among the lush leaves is a true garden spectacle, promising a tropical feast for the senses.

Enhancing Your Fruitscape™

Imagine strolling through your very own fruitscape™, where the Sugarloaf Pineapple Plant is the star of the show. Its architectural form and vibrant fruit make it an outstanding feature in any edible landscape design. Plant it as a focal point, use it to line a sunny pathway, or group with other exotic plants for a lush, tropical effect. With Just Fruits and Exotics, you receive a plant that’s shipped 100% in pot, with superior packaging and easy shipping. Experience the pleasure of growing your own Sugarloaf Pineapples and create a fruitscape™ that’s both enchanting and rewarding. Our family-owned and operated nursery is here to ensure you get that trusted, local-friendly vibe with every purchase, making us the go-to destination for your exotic plant needs.

Cold Hardy20-25°
Container PlantContainer Friendly
Growing Zone9A, 9B, 10A, 10B, 11A, 11B
Mature Height3 FT
Mature Width3 FT
PollinatorSelf Fertile
Spacing3 FT
SunlightFull Sun
Planting & Care
Fruitscaping with Pineapple Plants

Pineapples are in the bromeliad family. This family thrives in warm climates and will grow well outside in zones 9B and 10. For us less fortunate gardeners dealing with colder climates, pineapple become a fun and easy to grow container plant. The plants put on an unrivaled show of beautiful purple blooms in spring, followed by  months of pleasure watching the baby fruit grow into great big pineapples, The fruit ripens in late summer. If you’ve ever eaten a “bush ripened” pineapple, you will not go back to eating store bought ones. The commercial varieties often lack the sweetness and complex flavors of the varieties the home gardener can grow.

Recommended Fertilizers for Planting and Maintenance
Growing Guide

We do not currently have a growing guide for Pineapple plants.  We are working on this and will add it in the near future.  Contact us if you have questions on how to plant and nurture your Pineapple plant, and we will be glad to have one of our gardeners assist you.

Additional Information

Things to Know About Pineapples
It takes about two years from the start of a new shoot or sucker, to get to the flowering stage. Once the sucker reaches maturity the plant will signal flowering often by flushing with a pink or red color to the base of the leaves. The shoot will take about 6 months to finish growing and ripening the pineapple fruit at which point it dies. The plant will continue to develop suckers from the base, and it’s these new suckers that will fruit in the future. To help the plants fruit properly, plant your young plants in a well drained container mix, place the container in full sun, water with a light solution of liquid fertilizer or fish emulsion weekly and keep the plants above freezing in the winter. After a few years the plant becomes crowded with new suckers and needs to be divided. Trade or give the babies to your friends.

Shipping Info

Shipping Restrictions

Unfortunately, We Cannot Process Orders to California, Hawaii, Alaska, or Internationally:  Please note that due to specific agricultural regulations, we’re unable to ship any plants to the states of California, Hawaii, and Alaska, or outside the United States. Additionally, citrus trees can only be shipped within the state of Florida.

Shipping Information

Before Your Plants Arrive: You can find many guides on unpacking, planting, & care, on our growing guides page.

The Journey From Our Nursery to Your Door:  We NEVER ship our plants bare root. Your plant will travel in the very container in which it was nurtured. We thoroughly prune and water them before packing, and make sure they’re well wrapped to retain moisture during transit. It’s as though you’ve personally collected them from our nursery!

Choose Your Ship Date: We understand you’ll want to be available when your plant arrives. Our checkout process features a handy calendar that allows you to choose the Monday on which you want your plant to ship. Depending on your location, you’ll likely receive your plant by Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of that week. Once shipped, UPS will generate a tracking number and send it to the email you provided. You can then follow your plant’s journey and ensure someone is available to unpack it on arrival day.

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