Needs Another Early-Blooming Mayhaw Tree for Cross-Pollination. Look through our Mayhaw Trees section and select any other Mayhaw Tree that says “Early-Blooming Variety.”
Due to strict agricultural laws, we CANNOT ship any plants to the states of California, Hawaii, or Alaska.

Double GG Mayhaw Tree

100% Shipped in Pot, Just like buying in person.

Experience the lush Double GG Mayhaw Tree, ideal for juicy, tart berries and ornamental beauty. Order online now for a unique addition to your garden.


Cold Hardy 0-5°
Growing Zone 7A - 9B
Pollinator Needs Another Early-Blooming Mayhaw Tree for Cross-Pollination (Betsy, Big Red, Double GG, Marlene, and Red Champ are all Early Bloomers)
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Product Description

Double GG Mayhaw Tree: Nature’s Blush in Your Backyard

About the Fruit

Revel in the unique charm of the Double GG Mayhaw, a fruit tree that offers a taste as rare and delightful as its Southern heritage. Known for producing small, apple-like fruits with a captivating crimson hue, the Double GG Mayhaw’s berries are the hidden gems of the fruit world. They yield a jelly that is highly coveted for its perfect blend of sweet and tart, often described as the essence of a Southern spring in a jar. Enjoy these berries fresh, or transform them into delectable preserves that will impress any gourmet aficionado.

What to Know About the Tree

The Double GG Mayhaw tree stands as a proud testament to resilience and beauty. This deciduous tree, with its lush green foliage, bursts into life with stunning white flowers that herald the onset of spring. It’s a moderate grower, reaching heights of 12-20 feet, and is known for its adaptability to various soil types, including wet areas where other trees may struggle to thrive. The Double GG Mayhaw is not only fruit-bearing but also brings a touch of wild elegance to any landscape.

Harvest Season

The harvest season of the Double GG Mayhaw is an annual celebration, marking the end of spring and the beginning of summer. As the warm hues of May drape the landscape, the tree bears its distinctive red fruit, ready to be plucked and savored. This period is a time of abundance and joy, as the Mayhaw berries reach their peak, inviting you to indulge in the fruits of nature’s labor.

Enhancing Your Fruitscape™

Imagine a fruitscape™ that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also enchants the eyes. The Double GG Mayhaw Tree is an exquisite addition to any edible landscape, offering a symphony of floral notes followed by vibrant red berries. It stands as a focal point in your garden, or as part of a diverse collection of fruit trees and exotic plants, harmonizing beauty with utility. With Just Fruits and Exotics, your Double GG Mayhaw Tree is guaranteed to arrive 100% in pot, with the same quality you’d expect from buying in person. Our superior packaging ensures a safe journey to your home, where this tree will flourish and become a cornerstone of your very own fruitscape™. Connect with the earth, indulge in homegrown delights, and transform your garden with us, your trusted online nursery with a local, friendly vibe.

Cold Hardy0-5°
Container PlantNo
GraftedYes, Eastern Mayhaw Seedlings 'crataegus sp.'
Growing Zone7A, 7B, 8A, 8B, 9A, 9B
Mature Height12-15FT
Mature Width8-10FT
PollinatorNeeds Another Early-Blooming Mayhaw Tree for Cross-Pollination (Betsy, Big Red, Double GG, Marlene, and Red Champ are all Early Bloomers)
Planting & Care

Recommended Fertilizers

Starter Fertilizer: Kickstart with Espoma Organic Bio-tone® Starter Plus. This potent blend boosts root mass and aids in mitigating transplant shock, ensuring your plants thrive in their new home.

Maintenance Fertilizer: For continued growth and fruit production, we recommend Espoma Organic Tree-tone Fertilizer. Designed specifically for fruit trees, this balanced formula nourishes your plants, promoting vibrant growth and bountiful harvests.

Fruitscaping™ with Mayhaw Trees

Enrich your garden with an often overlooked Southern delight by Fruitscaping™ with our Mayhaw Trees. These highly adaptable trees offer fragrant blooms, vibrant autumn colors, and a distinctive fruit that is cherished across the South.

Mayhaw Trees are known for their white, fragrant spring blossoms, which give way to clusters of crimson to yellow-orange fruit, depending on the variety. Their attractive, hawthorn-like fruits are a delight to harvest and are often transformed into jellies, syrups, or wine, giving a unique Southern twist to your culinary explorations.

These trees are versatile, thriving in various soil conditions, although they do prefer moist, well-drained soils. The Mayhaw Trees also appreciate full to partial sun, helping to foster healthy growth and abundant fruit production. With their hardy nature and minimal pest and disease issues, they’re a low-maintenance option, even for the novice gardener.

As the trees mature, their lovely form provides an ornamental quality, making them an appealing addition to any landscape. Their lush green foliage turns to stunning shades of yellow and orange in the fall, adding a burst of color to your garden.

Mayhaw Trees stand out when grown as a focal point in your landscape. However, they can also be integrated into a mixed edible garden alongside other fruit trees, like pears and plums, creating a beautiful and bountiful garden space.

Embrace the excitement of Fruitscaping™ with Mayhaw Trees. From the journey of planting and caring to the thrill of harvesting your homegrown mayhaws, these trees offer a unique and rewarding gardening experience.

Growing Guides

You can find many planting & care guides on our growing guides page.

Shipping Info

Shipping Restrictions

Unfortunately, We Cannot Process Orders to California, Hawaii, Alaska, or Internationally:  Please note that due to specific agricultural regulations, we’re unable to ship any plants to the states of California, Hawaii, and Alaska, or outside the United States. Additionally, citrus trees can only be shipped within the state of Florida.

Shipping Information

Before Your Plants Arrive: You can find many guides on unpacking, planting, & care, on our growing guides page.

The Journey From Our Nursery to Your Door:  We NEVER ship our plants bare root. Your plant will travel in the very container in which it was nurtured. We thoroughly prune and water them before packing, and make sure they’re well wrapped to retain moisture during transit. It’s as though you’ve personally collected them from our nursery!

Choose Your Ship Date: We understand you’ll want to be available when your plant arrives. Our checkout process features a handy calendar that allows you to choose the Monday on which you want your plant to ship. Depending on your location, you’ll likely receive your plant by Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of that week. Once shipped, UPS will generate a tracking number and send it to the email you provided. You can then follow your plant’s journey and ensure someone is available to unpack it on arrival day.

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