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Eriobotrya japonica 'Champagne'

Champagne Loquat Tree

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The Champagne Loquat Tree is a stunning addition to any garden, with its beautiful foliage and delicious, sweet-tasting fruit. Order online now for a taste of luxury in your own backyard.

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Cold Hardy 15-20º
Growing Zone 7-11
Pollinator Self Fertile
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Product Description

Champagne Loquat Tree: Toast to the Tropics

About the Fruit

The Champagne Loquat is a tropical treasure, offering a sweet and tangy flavor that is reminiscent of a blend of peach, citrus, and mild mango. This exotic fruit, with its round to oval shape, features a smooth, downy skin that encases the juicy, succulent flesh. Perfect for fresh eating, jellies, and desserts, the Champagne Loquat is a versatile addition to any culinary repertoire, promising a taste of the tropics in every bite.

What to Know About the Tree

With its attractive, large, dark green leaves, the Champagne Loquat tree is a stunning evergreen that will add a lush, tropical ambiance to your garden. The tree is adorned with fragrant white blossoms that later develop into clusters of fruit. It can grow up to 15-30 feet in height but can also be pruned to maintain a smaller size for easy harvesting. The Champagne Loquat is relatively low maintenance, drought-tolerant, and adapts well to a variety of soil types, making it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Harvest Season

The harvest season for the Champagne Loquat is a cause for celebration, typically occurring in late winter to early spring. The tree becomes a focal point in any garden, as it bursts with golden-yellow fruits that dangle amidst the evergreen foliage. These loquats not only deliver a delightful flavor but also provide a bountiful harvest that can be shared with friends and family.

Enhancing Your Fruitscape™

Create a vibrant fruitscape™ that marries form with function, as the Champagne Loquat tree offers year-round visual appeal and a seasonal abundance of fruit. Its bold foliage and eye-catching fruits provide a tropical aesthetic that can be a standalone feature or part of a larger, edible landscape design. By incorporating the Champagne Loquat into your fruitscape™, you cultivate both beauty and taste, reaping the rewards of an edible paradise right in your own backyard.

At Just Fruits and Exotics, we guarantee our Champagne Loquat tree arrives at your door 100% shipped in pot, with the superior packaging and easy shipping that you deserve. Experience the joy of buying from a trusted online plant nursery that exudes a local friendly vibe. Choose our family-owned and operated business for your fruit tree needs, and let us help you enrich your fruitscape™ with our nationally acclaimed plants.

Cold Hardy15-20º
Container PlantYes
GraftedYes, on loquat seedling
Growing Zone7-11
Mature Height15-20 ft
Mature Width15 ft
PollinatorSelf Fertile
Spacing10-12 ft
SunlightFull Sun
Planting & Care

Recommended Fertilizers

Starter Fertilizer: Kickstart with Espoma Organic Bio-tone® Starter Plus. This potent blend boosts root mass and aids in mitigating transplant shock, ensuring your plants thrive in their new home.

Maintenance Fertilizer: For continued growth and fruit production, we recommend Espoma Organic Tree-tone Fertilizer. Designed specifically for fruit trees, this balanced formula nourishes your plants, promoting vibrant growth and bountiful harvests.

Fruitscaping™ with Loquat Trees

Invite a tropical paradise into your landscape with Fruitscaping™ using our Loquat Trees. These easy-to-grow trees offer lush, evergreen foliage and unique, tangy-sweet fruits, adding both aesthetic appeal and a taste of the exotic to your home garden.

Loquat Trees are prized for their attractive, glossy foliage, which adds an all-year-round green canopy to your garden. The delightful contrast between their dark green leaves and clusters of white, fragrant flowers, followed by bright orange fruit, creates an eye-catching display.

When it comes to fruit production, Loquats are truly a treasure. The round to oval-shaped fruits boast a sweet, slightly acidic flavor that’s somewhat a blend of peach, citrus, and mild mango – an absolute treat when picked and enjoyed fresh from the tree. You can also transform them into jams, jellies, or desserts, adding a twist to your culinary endeavors.

Loquat Trees are versatile and relatively low maintenance. They prefer well-draining soil and full to partial sun. They are drought-tolerant once established, although regular watering will reward you with a more vigorous tree and a generous fruit crop. A yearly application of balanced fertilizer can also boost your tree’s productivity and growth.

With their inviting canopies and delicious fruits, Loquat Trees make a stunning standalone statement. Still, they can also be incorporated into mixed plantings alongside other fruiting trees and shrubs. Consider planting alongside citrus trees or pomegranates for an enticing, edible landscape.

Dive into the wonderful world of Fruitscaping™ with Loquat Trees. From the stages of planting and care to the delightful reward of your homegrown loquats, these trees promise a fascinating and fruitful journey.

Growing Guides

You can find many planting & care guides on our growing guides page.

Shipping Info

Shipping Restrictions

Unfortunately, We Cannot Process Orders to California, Hawaii, Alaska, or Internationally:  Please note that due to specific agricultural regulations, we’re unable to ship any plants to the states of California, Hawaii, and Alaska, or outside the United States. Additionally, citrus trees can only be shipped within the state of Florida.

Shipping Information

Before Your Plants Arrive: You can find many guides on unpacking, planting, & care, on our growing guides page.

The Journey From Our Nursery to Your Door:  We NEVER ship our plants bare root. Your plant will travel in the very container in which it was nurtured. We thoroughly prune and water them before packing, and make sure they’re well wrapped to retain moisture during transit. It’s as though you’ve personally collected them from our nursery!

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