Don’t Just Landscape, Fruitscape!

Who said orchards aren’t visually pleasing? Here at Just Fruits & Exotics, we’re all for beautifying orchards, so much so we even made a name for it. We like to call the landscaping activity of mixing edibles with ornamentals fruitscaping. Isn’t the name fitting? To learn more about our unique orchard decorating process, check out […]

It’s Time to Prune and Mulch Your Fruit Trees!!

Maintaining the health of your fruit trees during late winter is crucial to ensure a bountiful harvest. To help you care for your fruit trees during this last stretch of cold weather, check out our mulching and pruning tips below. Pruning:  Selectively removing the branches that aren’t serving your fruit tree helps prevent infections and […]

Winter is Warmer This Year; What Does This Mean for Your Fruit trees?

So far, this winter has been a warmer one. Many of us have expected cold frosts and freezes, but instead, received slightly chilly sweater weather days. This may be a positive for your electric bill and your driveway, but is it a positive for your fruit tree orchard? Due to the lack of winter weather, […]

Which Fruits Should I Plant This Winter?

Are you planning on putting some roots in the ground this winter? You’re in luck. Our site has tons of fruit plants that thrive in colder environments in stock now. To help you on your winter planting endeavors, we’ve outlined how to plant some of our favorite winter fruits below:  Gather your supplies:  Before you […]

Holiday Table Decorations Using Your Own Backyard Bounty

Whether you plan to celebrate with just a few close friends or you’re hosting the entire family, plus some, this year, having holiday table decorations using your own backyard bounty is a quick and simple way to make your space festive. Everything we used to decorate our holiday table this year can be found at […]

Winter Maintenance of Fruit Trees

As we head into the holiday season, our fruit trees will slip into the slumber of winter dormancy. Maintenance for our fruit trees will become extremely limited. That said, fungus can still crop up at any time if we get too much rain. However, unless you are experiencing an active problem, I would not treat […]