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At one time everyone had a pomegranate tree in their yard. Nowadays this fruit is a rare curiosity, with most of its uses forgotten. Pomegranate juice is a true delicacy, a cross between the flavor of raspberries and strawberries. It's great just by itself, with a little sugar and shaved ice, or it can be made into a jelly or even a fantastic fruity wine. Mediterranean cooking uses it in complex sauces for meats and vegetables. In ancient times, this was called the nectar of the gods!

POMEGRANATES AS A COMMERCIAL CROP IN FLORIDA. As in all things, what is old comes back as something new. The pomegranate is making a comeback as a potentially new commercial fruit in Florida. Thanks to the hard work by Dr. Bill Castle at the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agriculture (IFAS) a new study is showing many cultivars have the potential for commercial juice production. Click Here to learn more at the IFAS pomegranate site.

Pomegranate Ice

Loosen and break apart the seeds of 6 ripe pomegranates. Place in a bowl and crush lightly with a spoon. Squeeze the pulp through a jelly bag. Alternatively, use an old fashioned lever-style citrus juicer which is really great for extracting the juice. These show up at yard sales all the time.

Sweeten lightly with honey or sugar to taste and pour over shaved ice for a cool, refreshing late summer drink.

   Click Here for the 2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to find out your areas hardiness zone.

Harvesting pomegranates Pomegranate Blooms

Pomegranate Varieties
(Pumica granatum)
All are self fertile.

AFGANSKI This Russian variety of Afganski pomegranate produces a large, sweet-tart fruit with robust flavor. Developed in a research laboratory in Byron, Georgia, Afganski leaded among the top pomegranates. Consistent fruit-er for the humid South. Cold hardy. Ripens September. Zones 7-9. Grow in containers in northern climates. $35.99 3 gal (3-4ft).

Christina Pomegranate Mr. Bill Mahan, finder of the Christina

CHRISTINA This variety was found growing in Port St. Joe, Florida by Bill Mahan. Named after his wife, Christine. It is a beautiful, deep red-skinned pomegranate, with pale pink seeds. Very juicy. One of the few we have seen to bear heavily in the humid South. Very cold hardy. Ripens late August. Zones 8B-10. Grow in containers in northern climates. $35.99 3 gal (3-4ft).

Sorry, not available at this time.

Gainey Sour Pomegranate

GAINEY SOUR Heirloom variety found on the Gainey plantation south of Cairo, GA. These sour pomegranates grow on vigorous tree (Mr. Gainey's are over 15 feet) and are long lived. Fruit is red when ripe but they are sour! Zones 8B-10. Grow in containers in northern climates. $35.99 3 gal (3-4ft).

Gainey Sweet Pomegranate

Mr. Ray Gainey and his Gainey Sweet

GAINEY SWEET If you like sweet pomegranates, try this heirloom from the Gainey plantation. Ripens middle to late September. Fruit is red. Zones 8B-10. Grow in containers in northern climates. $35.99 3 gal (3-4ft).

Larkin Pomegranate

Mr. and Mrs. Larkin Bowen

LARKIN An old homestead variety given to us by Dianne Weinstein that's stood the test of time. The original tree was planted in Gulf County near Wewahitchka, FL by her great-grandparents Carrie and Joe Glass. When the tree was in danger of being lost, Dianne's Dad, Mr. Larkin Bowen (Pete), dug up a shoot and brought it to Marianna,FL. The tree flourished and produced beautiful, red-skinned pomegranate, with white seeds. Very juicy, tangy sweet!! Fruits reliably and is very cold hardy. Ripens late August through October. Zones 8B-10. Grow in containers in northern climates. $35.99 3 gal (3-4ft).

Sorry, not available at this time.

Russian #8 Pomegranate

Russian #8 Pomegranate RUSSIAN #8 (aka Salavatski) This one has a strange name as the donor who brought us the cuttings lost the name tag! The mother tree came from Russia and was the 8th one in the row, so Russian #8 was born. It's a great pomegranate and is the sweetest one we carry. Zones 8-10. Grow in containers in northern climates. $35.99 3 gal (3-4ft).

Sorry, not available at this time.

Shari's Pomegranate

Shari's Pomegranate SHARI'S A Wakulla County heirloom, given to us by Shari Randall, that fruits reliably. A beautiful, red-orange skinned pomegranate, with dark red seeds. Very juicy, tangy and 4 inches across!! Very cold hardy. Ripens late August through October. Zones 8B-10. Grow in containers in northern climates. $35.99 3 gal (3-4ft).

WONDERFUL Old fashioned variety. Ruby red fruit with deep pink seeds. Tangy sweet flavor. More cold hardy than most. Ripens late August-September. Zones 8B-10. Grow in containers in northern climates. $32.99 3 gal (3-4ft).

Ornamental Varieties

Sorry, not available at this time. CALIFORNIA SUNSET FLOWERING Native to Jamaica and also known as Madame Legrelle, this hard-to-find ornamental (non-fruiting) pomegranate makes a beautiful small specimen tree or large shrub (to about 8-10' tall), with its glossy bright green leaves and showy flowers. The ruffled double blooms are deep orange-red striped with creamy white, and they keep coming all summer long. Sure to be a conversation piece, it would also be a great colorful container tree on your deck or patio. Zones 8B-10. $32.99

Sorry, not available at this time.

DWARF NON-FRUITING This tiny beauty is grown for flowers, shiny foliage, colorful small fruit and for bonsai. Tops out at about 3 feet tall and about the same wide. Gorgeous. Zones 7-10. Grow in containers in northern climates. $32.99 3 gal (2-3ft).

Just the Facts

Not sure what to do with pomegranates or how to grow them right? DON'T PANIC! Push the panic button and we will give you "Just the Facts" you need to successfully grow them.

Remember, Pomegranates prefer well-drained soils and part to full sun.


Willowy, shiny, emerald green plants that are quite showy when in bloom, with large, red, trumpet-shaped flowers. That's a pomegranate!

Flowering begins in May and continues for several weeks. Hummingbirds love the flowers, which are followed by a colorful show of pomegranate fruit that hangs on the trees like Christmas tree ornaments `til frost.

Pomegranates may be pruned into graceful, small trees, trained to a wall in espalier, or planted four feet apart to make one of the most colorful hedges around.

You may plant pomegranates in a large container to enjoy in a patio setting. Fall color is a gorgeous bright yellow.

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