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What's that Bug?!
Solving Plant and Pest Problems

   Can't figure out what is eating your plant? Does something just not look right with your tree? Are there FUNNY spots on your leaves (and you're not laughing!)?

Don't be shy like Mr. Frog.  Let us help.   We’re here to help.   Call us or bring in a sample of your problem. We’ll ask you a series of questions and pin point the problem.   We’re experts at diagnosing plant related problems and we love a mystery.    If we don't recognize it, we'll research the problem and get you an answer.

  Some points to remember:

- Talk to us before the plant is seriously damaged. It’s easier to turn plant problems around before the plant gets too weak.

- When bringing samples to the nursery, make sure your sample is fresh. Collect the sample early in the morning, and bag it in a ziplock bag. Keep the sample in a cool place until you can bring it to the nursery.

Plants with Attitude! - Make some notes on when you fertilized it and how often you water it.

- Bring an open mind; much of what we’ll talk about is general plant care. Most plant related problems lie in simple cultural techniques; we’ll talk about fertilizing, watering, and soil building. We’re here to teach you better ways of gardening, as well as to solve your problems. Trust me, you’ll learn some tricks and soon be growing better plants, with a deeper understanding of how they work.

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