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Sheng persimmons

Persimmon fruits look like translucent orange orbs, hanging amongst leathery green foliage. They are still something of a rarity in this country, but those in the know agree there is no more beautiful sight than a group of golden persimmons ripening to a sweet perfection on a sunny windowsill. The smooth, custard-textured flesh closely resembles sweet bananas and mangos. Enjoy persimmons fresh, or use them in any number of deserts and breads. Dried, they taste like chewy papaya.
2007 Persimmon Crop

The trees, very hardy and well adapted to our area, are known to live upwards of 75 years. They require little attention once established and often reward high nitrogen feeding by dropping their fruit.

Over 500 varieties have been developed throughout the Orient, with fruit ranging from small plum-sized to football-sized, with just as many flavors and textures. We've narrowed it down to what we feel are the very best varieties. All the persimmons we offer have been grown in university test orchards in Northern and Central Florida, and have proven to be solid, consistent bearers. Persimmon Flowers

There are two basic types of persimmon fruit -- astringent and non-astringent, or puckered versus non-puckered. You can be easily fooled into eating an astringent persimmon, because the astringent varieties turn orange and look ripe long before they really are. They should be eaten only when completely jelly soft to the touch. Non-astringent persimmons may be eaten while still firm and crisp. As a group, the astringent varieties are sweeter, richer, and juicier, while the non-astringent types are crispy, mellower and more sugarcane or cantaloupe-flavored.

Check out our new persimmon varieties. There are some new ones that have proven reliable further north than is normal for persimmons.

Persimmon Cultivation

Persimmons prefer well-drained soils and part to full sun. Our trees are grafted on American Persimmon D. virginiana. All are self-pollinating.


Fruit drop seems to be a common problem for persimmons in the South. It is brought on by high nitrogen fertilizer or uneven watering patterns. Some varieties are more prone to fruit drop when young, but they grow out of it with age.


Use a balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer on the young trees in February, May and July. This will likely cause fruit drop, but growth is more important at this stage in their development. On the third year, switch to a low nitrogen fertilizer like 5-10-15. Apply once in February.

   Click Here for the 2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to find out your areas hardiness zone.

Astringent Varieties (Diospyros Kaki) - Self-pollinating.

Sorry, not available at this time.

Fire Crystal Persimmon FIRE CRYSTAL™ ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON This is an extremely desirable persimmon in China. Like most other persimmon trees, it's a compact grower, and self-fertile. The fruit is round and bright orange, and when fully ripe is delectably sweet. Ripens late October through mid November. Zones 6-9 $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Giombo Persimmon GIOMBO ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON Huge 5 inch fruit are as big as softballs. Fantastic quality, smooth texture and very sweet. Ripens mid October through mid November. Zones 7-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Great Wall Persimmon Great Wall persimmons on tree GREAT WALL ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON A hardy variety, bred to withstand the harsh winters of China. Our most ornamental variety, Great Wall has an interesting tall, pointed shape and turns a brilliant shade of cherry pink in the fall. The fruit is sunset orange, with thick, rich, sweet flesh. Ripens late September through October. Zones 6-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Hachiya Persimmon HACHIYA ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON Medium size deep red fruit will hang on trees throughout winter. Rated as one of the best for flavor and the perfect jelly-like consistency of the fruit. Ripens mid October through late November. Zones 7-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Sorry, not available at this time.

Hao River Persimmon

HAO RIVER™ ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON Another new persimmon that is one of the most popular in China (native country of persimmons, where they are often dried and made into candy). This large sugar-sweet persimmon is early ripening, and a bright orange color. Persimmons are high in vitamins C and A and a good source of manganese and dietary fiber as well. Find space in your orchard for a lovely persimmon tree! Ripens in November. Zones 6 -9 $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Honan Red Persimmon

HONAN RED ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON Small deep red fruits are acorn-shaped. Rich, sweet flavor is smooth and with a fiber-free texture. Excellent substitute for Hachiya. Ripens mid-October. Zones 7-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft). VERY LIMITED QUANTITY.

Sorry, not available at this time.

Lindy's Giant Persimmon LINDY'S GIANT ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON The largest of all persimmons. Huge roundish shaped fruit up to 5 inch in diameter! An astringent persimmon with excellent flavor. Ripens mid October through late November. Zones 7-9 $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Sorry, not available at this time.

Ormond Persimmon ORMOND ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON A vigorous tree which ends the persimmon season. Beautiful medium-sized long, conical fruits that look like Christmas decorations come early. Fabulous for central Florida. Ripens December to January. Zones 8-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Saijo Astringent Persimmon SAIJO ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON Originally from Japan, Saijo fruits are like small orange balls of honey. Free of seeds and a consistent bearer. Trees are large, upright, and vigorous. One of the first fruits of the season, starting in September, and continuing into October. Zones 7-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Sheng Astringent Persimmon SHENG ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON The most beautiful persimmon of all! The bright orange fruit is flat, has six prominent lobes, and is ribbed and tucked in around the calyx, shaped just like a miniature pumpkin. The medium sized trees bear good crops consistently. Ripens mid September through mid October. Zones 6-9. $39.99 3 gal (4-5ft).

Smith's Best Persimmon

SMITH'S BEST ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON Dwarf, compact persimmon that was found growing in J.Russell Smith's homestead in Front Royal, VA. Mr. Smith wrote "Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture" and was an economist, geographer who saw that trees were important for food and soil preservation. He cultivated many varieties of persimmons and this one is his best! Zones 6-8. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Tamopan Persimmon TAMOPAN ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON Very large, sweet persimmon that looks like it's wearing a cap! Don't let its odd shape stop you, this persimmon is tasty and excellent for cooking. Ripens October to November. Zones 7-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft). VERY LIMITED QUANTITY.

Tanenashi Persimmon TANENASHI ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON A rounded tree which is a prolific producer of medium-sized round to cone-shaped orange-red fruits. The flesh is yellow when ripe and very sweet. Great for homeowners with LIMITED QUANTITY space because of a prolonged harvest season. Ripens September into November. Zones 7-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Weeping Persimmon WEEPING ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON RARE! (Diospyros kaki 'Pendula') This very rare variety of Japanese persimmon has a weeping form and must be staked up when young. Medium sized, conical shaped fruit that hang off the tree like teardrops. Ripens late October through mid November. Zones 7-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-4ft).

Non-Astringent Varieties - Self-pollinating.

Fuyu Persimmon FUYU NON-ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON By far the most popular of this group, Fuyu is a heavy producer of fist-sized, tomato-shaped fruits. Crisp, sweet, and mild, this is the one that most reminds us of cantaloupe. The fruit can begin to be harvested as soon as the color comes up, usually around late October, and can remain on the tree for as long as two months. Zones 7-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Sorry, not available at this time.

Gwang Yang Persimmon GWANG YANG NON-ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON A Korean persimmon with bright orange, high quality fruit weighing about 6 oz. Ripens late October thorugh mid November. Zones 6-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

HANAFUYU NON-ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON Large, brilliant, reddish-orange fruit. Trees are small, making it a a good choice for patios and smaller gardens. Hanafuyu has an excellent flavor, rich and sweet. Yellow fall color. Ripens mid October. Zones 7-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Ichikikeijiro Persimmon ICHI-KI-KEI-JIRO NON-ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON Dwarf tree (10-12ft) produces large, flat tomato-shaped, deep orange fruit. Matures in late October. A bud sport of Jiro. One of the most cold hardy. Good variety for small back yards. Zones 6-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Sorry, not available at this time.

IMOTO FUYU Large, square, flattened fruit turns dark orange when ripe in mid-fall. Eat crisp or soft. Sweet and mellow flavored. Ripens mid to late October. Zones 7-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Sorry, not available at this time.

Izu Persimmon IZU NON-ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON One of the first crunchy persimmons to ripen. Large tomato-shaped fruit with a cinnamon sweet flavor. The Izu is also a smaller tree and typically only grows to 8-10 feet tall. Ripens late September through mid October. Zones 7-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Jiro Persimmon JIRO NON-ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON A beautiful mid-size tree full of large, flat tomato-shaped, deep orange fruit. Matures in October. One of the most cold hardy. Zones 6-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Makawajiro Persimmon MAEKAWA-JIRO NON-ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON One of our favorites. Firm and crunchy with a sweet sugar cane like flavor. Will fruit heavier with a Fuyu planted close by. Ripens mid-October through mid-November. Zones 7-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

MATSUMOTO NON-ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON Very much like Fuyu in flavor and quality, but ripens a month earlier. Trees are strong growers, bearing fruit consistantly. Ripens early Oct. Zones 7-9. $39.99 3 gal (4-5ft).

Sorry, not available at this time. SURUGA NON-ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON Small round, deep orange fruit with a rich sweet maple syrup flavor. Ripens November. Zones 7-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Sorry, not available at this time.

Tam Kam Persimmon

TAM KAM NON-ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON Another new Korean persimmon whose name translates as "Very Sweet." Bright orange, high quality fruit weighing about 6 oz. This is among the most winter hardy non-astringent persimmon. Ripens October. Zones 6-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

American Japanese Hybrid Varieties- Self-pollinating.

Nikita's Gift Persimmon NIKITA'S GIFT™ HYBRID ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON What could be more lovely than a tree loaded with delicious 2-3 bright reddish-orange persimmons? From the Ukraine, Nikita's Gift is a hybrid of Asian and American persimmons with exceptionally sweet flavor when ripe (you'll know when they fall off the tree). Bold red leaf color in the fall is an added bonus.Zones 6-9. $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Rosseyanka Persimmon

Rosseyanka Persimmon

ROSSEYANKA HYBRID ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON An extremely cold hardy Russian hybrid. Cross of our native American persimmon Diospyros virginiana and the Asian Kaki persimmon. Its 2-3 inch fruit that is nearly seedless. Has an excellent smooth texture with a traditional syrupy sweet Asian persimmon flavor. Trees are rapid upright growers with a more American persimmon leaf type. Excellent large shade tree if left un-pruned. Ripens mid October through late November. Zones 6-9 $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft). LIMITED QUANTITY.

American Persimmon

Sorry, not available at this time.

PROK ASTRINGENT PERSIMMON A seedling from the Cornell University breeding program grown out by John Gordon of Amherst NY. Most successful variety in zone 5 and 6 due to it's early ripening qualities. Fruit are very large for an American persimmon 2 1/2 to 3 inches and mostly seedless when grown without a pollinator. Rated as the best tasting American persimmon by many leading fruit enthusiast. Self fertile. Zones 5-9 $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Sorry, not available at this time.

GRAFTED FEMALE NATIVE AMERICAN SEEDLING PERSIMMON (Diospyros virginiana) Scion was taken from a tree in Wakulla County that produces tons of native persimmons each year. If you have persimmon trees, but no fruit then you need this lady. Fruit is astringent. Needs male pollinator. Zones 7-9 $39.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Sorry, not available at this time. NATIVE AMERICAN SEEDLING PERSIMMON (Diospyros virginiana) Lovely, cold hardy shade tree which may or may not fruit. That's because native seedling persimmon trees are either male or female and only the female fruit. So while you're waiting to see what you have, enjoy the shade in summer and the wonderful leaf colors in fall! Any fruit will be astringent. Zones 6-9 $29.99 3 gal (3-5ft).

Just the Facts

Not sure what to do with persimmons or how to grow them right? DON'T PANIC! Push the panic button and we will give you "Just the Facts" you need to successfully grow them.

Dried Persimmon Recipe

    1. Don't wait until your Astringent persimmons are ripe (mushy). For less mess in the dehydrator, choose persimmons that are slightly soft. You can also dehydrate Non-astringent persimmons with these same instructions.

   2. Wash the persimmons and cut the "cap" off the top. Slice the persimmons 1/4" - 3/8" thick. You don't have to peel them - the peel is yummy too!

   3. Place your persimmon slices on your dehydrator trays. Fill the trays but don't overlap the persimmon slices.

   4. Stack the trays in the dehydrator. Turn it on and set the dehydrator to 155 F.

   5. Check every 8-12 hours and turn the persimmons (flip them over) when you do.

      It should take 24 hours to dehydrate a full batch of persimmons (5 trays full). Once completely cooled, place dried persimmons in a zipped freezer bag and put in the refrigerator or freezer for long term storage. Dried persimmons are best when eaten at room temperature. Enjoy!

A Lovely Landscaping Tree

Persimmons are one of the loveliest trees to be found. They have smooth, gray to tan bark, and broad, leathery, jade-green leaves (2-3 inches wide and 4-6 inches long). The large varieties average 25 to 30 feet at maturity, a good size for lining driveways and paths, or as a specimen or accent tree.

The small ones are usually very heavy bearers, and are great in small groups in the shrubbery border, with low annuals or groundcover beneath them. All persimmons have spectacular fall colors -- bright yellows to clear oranges, light pinks to fire-engine reds -- and the whole show happens just as the fruit colors up!

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