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Welcome to our Orchards

Portion of our Citrus Orchard

We have two orchards at the nursery; the older a mixed citrus orchard, and the newest a mixed fruit orchard.

Our New Orchard These orchards were created to give people a place to wander, taste fruit that grows well in our area and learn a little something about how to be successful growing them in your garden. The newest orchard has been created using food forest techniques. If you haven’t heard about this great concept, study up on it, it is the answer to growing food in a crowded world. We wrote a brief article for the Tallahassee Democrat with some good links in it; check it out “FOOD FOREST GARDENS”.

More of the New Orchard Anyway, the new orchard is a study in building soil without tilling; we’re growing a mixed crop of clover and cereal rye between the trees to cut and lay on the orchard floor for summer mulch, and a crop of oilseed radish, canola and mustard around some of the trees to draw beneficial insects, suppress nematodes, and build organic content, (whew that a lot of work for three plants to do!).
In addition, last summer the ladies planted lots of garlic chives around the trees to create a barrier to keep the pesky ants and other crawlers off the trunks.

Russian Comfrey plant We planted a few colonies of Russian Comfrey last winter around the edges of the orchard, which we’ll lift and divide this winter to make more. This Russian Comfrey is great stuff! It grows like the wonder weed from hell, producing tons of leaves that can be cut and used for mulch around the plants. The plant mops up food from the soil and deposits it in the leaves, then when you use it for mulching your plants, or to adding to your compost heap, it gives it back in the form of rich fertilizer, we’re talking FREE fertilizer. It’s also makes a super home for the good bugs. So the new orchard is coming along nicely. You’re welcome to visit it, it’s way out in the back forty, so ask for a guide when you come, you know we love to share our ideas with you.

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