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Mail Order Season begins in mid October 2014. Taking orders now!

For folks who can make the trip to the nursery, we're open year round except for part of July/August and Holidays. Come see us from Wednesday through Sunday, 9:05-5:08PM EST.

For all our local customers (and anyone willing to make the trip & save money!) we have our Pickup at Nursery Price List available.

We'll be adding species to this page as fast as we can. Grasses have become one of the coolest and most exciting additions to the garden. We've got a great collection, with more coming as fast as we can put them up on line.

Blue Dune Grass BLUE DUNE GRASS (Elymus arenarius 'Blue Dune') This fabulous grass is steel blue. It loves beachside conditions (drought, sand, salt) and spreads rapidly. Mix it with some upright Pampas grass and dune sunflowers for a striking and low maintenance beach-side display. Grows 2-3 feet high. Zones 4-9. $13.99 1 gal

Bamboo Muhly BAMBOO MUHLY GRASS (Muhlenbergia dumosa) This fluffy beauty looks like a minature bamboo. The stems are brown to black with finely divided leaflets of a golden tint (flowers are tiny and don't form part of the show). The grass can reach 6-8 feet and is tough, heat-loving and drought tolerant. It is a fantastic backgrop for a flower bed or a pathside component of your Japanese-style garden. Zones 7-10. $12.99 1 gal, $26.99 3 gal.

Sorry, not available at this time. GOLD BAND PAMPAS (Cortaderia selloana) Awesome variegated version , edged in gold, of the beachside standard. Outrageous white plumes soar above the strap-like leaves in summer. Grass will grow 3-4 feet tall. $29.99 3 gal.

Sorry, not available at this time. Silver Comet Pampas SILVER COMET PAMPAS (Cortaderia selloana) New white-striped version of the beachside standard. Huge panicles up to 2 feet long bloom in late summer, persist thru winter. Grass will grow 4-6 feet tall. $12.99 1 gal, $29.99 3 gal.

Just the Facts

Not sure what to do with Ornamental Grasses or how to grow them right? DON'T PANIC! Push the panic button and we will give you "Just the Facts" you need to successfully grow them.

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Are we out of what you are looking for? Email us at Justfruits@hotmail.com and we'll put you on the "Call When Available" list. We will call you!

Please come to see us if you can (Wednesday to Sunday, 9:05-5:08). We are located 19 miles south of Tallahassee, just off US Highway 98, 1 mile east of the intersection with US Highway 319 (South of Crawfordville center and actually in the village of Medart). If you need further directions, feel free to call us at 1-850-926-5644 or enter 30 Saint Frances St. Crawfordville FL 32327 (or Just Fruits Nursery) into Google Maps ( CLICK HERE).

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