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For folks who can make the trip to the nursery, we're open year round except for part of July/August and Holidays. Come see us from Wednesday through Sunday, 9:05-5:08PM EST.

For all our local customers (and anyone willing to make the trip & save money!) we have our Pickup at Nursery Price List available.

Crinums and a few Odd Bulbs

These plants don't fit into a neat category, but we think you might find them interesting. We've lumped together our exotic Crinum lilies with Hurricane lilies, Rain lilies, Pineapple lilies and a rare Agapanthus.

Crinum lilies come in a variety of sizes and colors. They are fabulous, tough and easy perennials with a long summer bloom period. They are often found around old homesteads in the South, right next to some of the tough as nails daffodils that are such an unexpected delight.

Hurricane lilies (Lycoris radiata) and rain lilies (Zephranthes sp.) are hard to find and fabulous in the garden. Although Agapanthus are a classic for the shaded south, we've got a new and spectacular variety, "Storm Cloud", which is a deep purple flower on a 6 foot tall spike. We're hoping for even more new colors and sizes in this easy beauty, so stay tuned.

Crinum lilies will delight you

Sorry, not available at this time. Giant White Crinum Lily: Crinum asiaticum This beauty stands up to 4 feet tall, strap-like foliage topped with flowering white trumpets in summer. Flowers are sweetly scented. Not at all picky to grow, enjoying hot dry conditions (including the beach!). If protected from frost, the plant stays taller, but will return in Zones 8-10. $27.99 3 gal.

Queen Emma Crinum: Crinum angustum A purple-leaved Crinum, reaching 6 feet tall! Flower stalks are erect, topped by sweetly scented clumps of white trumpets with a purple stripe. This Crinum makes a dramatic centerpiece for a flower bed or a fabulous planter to put next to the swimming pool. For best purple color, grow in full sun. Like the Giant White Crinum, Queen Emma is easy to grow and will stay the biggest size if protected from frost. Zones 8-10. $27.99 3 gal.

And the wonderful odds and ends.....

Storm Cloud: Agapanthus -- Tall flower spikes are topped with deep purple umbels of flowers in summer. Strappy foliage is dark green, mixing well with ferns in the shade garden. Tough and easy to grow. Divide clumps in fall. Zones 8-10. $27.99 3 gal.

Sparkling Burgundy: Eucomis spp. -- Dramatic purple-foliaged pineapple lily produces 20" tall bloom stalk resembling miniature purple pineapple. Very cool! Grows well in shade or sun. Zones 8-10. $24.99 2 gal.

Oxblood Lily: Rhodophiala bifida -- Gorgeous deep red trumpet flowers atop 15 inch stalks pop out of the ground in late summer and early fall. Easy to grow and they aren't fussy! $12.99 for 6 bulbs, plus $6.00 boxing fee for the first 6 bulbs and $10.00 for up to 30 bulbs.

Sorry, not available at this time. Red Hurricane Lily: Lycoris radiata -- The foliage emerges in the fall and dies down in summer. The exotic red flower comes up from bare ground in late August to September. Naturalizes readily and gets better every year after they're planted. Zones 7-10. $12.99 for 6 bulbs, plus $6.00 boxing fee for the first 6 bulbs and $10.00 for up to 30 bulbs.

Sorry, not available at this time. Giant Pink Rain Lily: Zephranthes sp. -- Summer foliage and blooms after every rain. Dies back in winter. A rare find that spreads well, suprising you with the silver lining in those storm clouds. Zones 8-10. $12.99 for 6 bulbs, plus $6.00 boxing fee for the first 6 bulbs and $10.00 for up to 30 bulbs.

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