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Welcome to our Retail Nursery

The retail nursery is the heart of our operation. Fruit trees are our first and primary love. We grow over 175 varieties, many of which are heirlooms given to us by local gardeners. You’ll find extensive collections of blueberries, grapes and citrus.


We’re also working to bring to you a good collection of native plants. This is a new area for us and it’s one of the cornerstones to the new direction the nursery is taking. As we learn more about permaculture and the building of food forests, we are finding the natives are an important component of the mix; providing food and habitat for beneficial insects and wildlife, bringing pollinators into the garden, and building soil.

Garden Art Pottery

You’ll also find an eclectic mix of pottery and garden art through out the retail area. We showcase many local artists and tend to encourage the bizarre, so you’ll never know what you’ll find along the way.

Sales Area - 50% or more!

When you visit the nursery, be sure to check out our SALES AREA. This is where all the misplaced orphans wind up. Whether they’ve got a little twist in them (but hey, they’ve got character), or they’ve just been hanging around too long, these guys just need a home. They’re not sick and they’ll respond to just a little TLC. Everything’s 50% off or more. It’s a great deal for everybody; make sure you check it out regularly, as the selection changes often.

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