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Save Money at the Nursery

  Did you know you can save 25% to 50% on your plant order if you visit the nursery to pick up your plants?

That's a 1000ft of irrigation tube on that Hog - Way to go, dude!    Yep, the prices of plants are less when you buy at the Nursery than what you see on the website, plus you’ll save the cost of freight when you pick your trees up at the Nursery.  So if you can make the trip, visit our WEBSITE, make your wish list, and check out the LOCALS PRICE LIST.    Count up your savings, jump in the car or motorcycle, and COME VISIT US!   We also tend to sell out of the cool and heirloom varieties of fruit early, so if you want to reserve something for pick up at a later date, shoot us an email and we’ll put a hold on those plants for you.

Little gardener   If you’re having problems with bugs, fungus or critters, bring a leaf sample along with you: we’re great at diagnosing plant problems.   So load up the kids, dogs, cats, birds or other assorted family (goats must be leashed at all times!) and come wander.    We’ll show you a good time, and you’ll save some money.

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