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Mail Order Season begins in mid October 2014. Taking orders now!

For folks who can make the trip to the nursery, we're open year round except for part of July/August and Holidays. Come see us from Wednesday through Sunday, 9:05-5:08PM EST.

For all our local customers (and anyone willing to make the trip & save money!) we have our Pickup at Nursery Price List available.

Butterfly Gingers (Hedychium spp.)

Much valued for their large, butterfly-shaped flowers and sweet, heady scent. These tough lilies may freeze to the ground in a cold snap only to return with greater vigor the following season. Coming in a wide range of heights, they can be used throughout the border for a spiky texture. Large cone-like flower heads in a wide range of colors bloom from early summer until frost.

Orange Bottlebrush Ginger Orange Bottlebrush - (Hedychium coccineum): Tall, thin and long blooming ginger. Fragrant tangerine-orange flowers bloom in brilliant masses. Blooms from July to frost. Grows to 8ft. Part sun to part shade. Zones 8-10. $12.99

Sorry, not available at this time. Dr. Moy - (Hedychium sp.): Gorgeous variegated foliage makes this ginger a winner. Add to that the great magnolia scent of its deep yellow blooms and you can't lose! Blooms from midsummer to frost. Grows to 6ft. Part to full sun. Zones 8-10. $12.99

Spiral Gingers (Costus spp.)

These wonderful gingers are so name because of the way the leaves spiral around the stalk. The underside leaves on our varieties are also velvety soft. A delight and joy to behold and touch!

White Spiral Ginger

White Spiral Ginger This fabulous crepe spiral ginger has white blooms but it's best feature is the deep red bracts that stay after the blooms are gone. It thrives in the hot sun of Florida so put it out where it can show off in your yard! Grows 4-6ft. Full sun to part shade. Zones 8-10. $12.99

Shell Gingers (Alpinia spp.)

A very large and diverse group of gingers valued both for their tropical foliage and for their large, colorful flower heads. Although most species are hardy to Zone 8, the plants must be kept frost-free for 16 or more months in order to bloom. Several species are grown for their spicy roots and medicinal value.

Sorry, not available at this time.

Variegated Shell Ginger - (Alpinia zerumbet varigata): Outstanding variegated foliage plant reaching to 4 foot. When planted in warm areas, it will reward the grower with large pendant flowers of various shades of white and pink. Great for tub gardens. Grows to 6ft. Part to full shade. Zones 8-10. $14.99.

Galangal or Thai Ginger - (Alpinia galanga): A staple of Thai cooking. Has a delightful spicy-hot flavor. It is used like regular edible ginger or may be sliced, dried or powdered. Both the pungent roots and tender young shoots are harvested. Interesting foliage plant with small white and red striped flowers. Grows to 4-5ft. Part shade to part sun. Zone 8-10. $12.99 1 gal.

Hidden Gingers (Curcuma spp.)

Dramatic flowers and lush foliage. Some species have flower stalks that appear before the foliage, while others bloom luminously in mid-summer. Make great and long-lasting cut flowers

Scarlet Fever Curcuma Scarlet Fever - (Curcuma elata var. Scarlet Fever): Pink flowers on naked stalks in May followed by 5ft foot foliage. Stalks are deep scarlet and the upright foliage is bright green. Part to full sun. Zones 8-10. $12.99.

Pinecone Gingers (Zingiber spp.)

Some are low-growing accent plants while others are great for landscaping. Try a few.

Variegated Pinecone Ginger Variegated Pinecone Ginger - (Zingiber sp.): Called "shampoo ginger", because the flower's juice is used by native Hawaiians as hair conditioner! Beautiful variegated white and green foliage. Grows to 3ft. Part shade. Zones 8-10. $12.99

Great Looking Gingers in the Landscape

Choose your gingers with respect to the amount of sun and water they like. They are easy to grow with regular water, compost and slow-release balanced fertilizer. What a show!
In winter, add mulch to protect the rhizomes and they'll be bigger than ever next year.

Gingers make a great combination plant for containers or beds.

Put together a punchy combination of a variegated banana, golden angel trumpet and a yellow butterfly ginger. Add small lime-green elephant ears and impatiens at the base and your bed will glow with color and fragrance from May to November.

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