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Welcome to our Gardens

Cabbage, Bright Lights Swiss Chard and Silver Comet Pampas Grass   The gardens are laid out all around the retail nursery. They’re an eclectic mix of off beat ornaments mixed with edibles.    The main parking lot garden is a mix of old cottage garden plants with lots of tasty vegetables thrown in. It changes seasonally so it’s always worth checking out. It’s usually a blend of old fashion cottage flowers like poppy, foxglove and hollyhocks (growing hollyhocks in Florida is a challenge; notice no pictures of those YET!)

Lettuce, Zinnias, Dusty Miller and others
   Our gardens are also a show case for new vegetables we’re trying out.   If you see something you like you’ll probably find new starts on our vegetable benches.

Foxglove and Dinosaur Kale

Growing Veggies in the Greenhouse    We grow all of our own starts using mostly organic techniques. We specialize in unusual and heirloom varieties, as well as a wide range of culinary herbs and cottage garden flowers. If you’re interested in staying up on what we’re growing check out our Vegetable Highlights    (with our HOT out of the HOOP HOUSES Report).

Seed Shop

   Our seed comes from companies like Seeds of Change, Botanical Interests and Seed Savers.
   You’ll find a great selection of them in the seed shop, as well as all the supplies to start your own.

Taros, Bananas, Caladiums and Coleus Coral Bean Plant, Yuccas, Purslane and Black-eyed Susans    We have a passion for the tropics, so you’ll find lots of cool taros, angel trumpets, and hot summer color at the height of the season.   We are always experimenting with new varieties and working to show you interesting ways to arrange them in your gardens.

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