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Blueberry Patch- We've got the Blues!

Blueberries are one of our specialties. Thanks largely to both Florida's and Georgia's excellent breeding programs, it is now possible for the homeowner to enjoy luscious bush-ripened blueberries from the garden throughout the summer months. This is also an excellent crop for people who have small acreage and want to grow a cash crop, as blueberries are not expensive to establish. Blueberries are easily maintained and are in high demand as a fresh fruit.

We stay current with the newest and most practical blueberry growing techniques to help you with site evaluation, soil preparation, correct planting procedures and maintenance of your blueberry operation.

Ripening times listed are for North Florida (Zone 8B). Please note that we specify chill hours for the blueberry zones. If you are uncertain about your chill hours, contact your County Cooperative Extension Agent or check out the University of Florida IFAS chill hours map for Florida (left) or click here for the 2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to find out your areas hardiness zone.

Blueberry Pollination and Chill Hours

Yes, most blueberries need pollination. The old school of thought was to break the varieties into groups that pollinated each other best. Through time it's been determined that it's better to have as many varieties as possible to ensure a long bloom season and maximum chances for cross-pollinarion.

Just remember that Rabbiteyes pollinate Rabbiteyes and Southern Highbush pollinate Southern Highbush. So mix them up well and try to have at least three varieties in the patch.

Chose varieties within about 100 chill hours of the averages for your area tabulated by the USDA or IFAS. You want your plants to bloom together and to avoid late season frosts that can knock fruit and flowers off your bushes. Plant varieties developed for your area and you'll be happy you did.

   Click Here for the 2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to find out your areas hardiness zone.

Blueberry Blooms

Rabbiteye Blueberries (Vaccinium ashei)
All rabbiteye blueberries will pollinate each other but to ensure a consistent crop you need to choose the appropriate variety with chill hours that match your zone. Zones 8A to 8B require a chill hour variety of 400 and above. Zones 8B to 9A require a chill hour variety of 400 and below.

Sorry, not available at this time.

Alapaha Blueberry

ALAPAHA A new Georgia release and a breakthrough in early ripening rabbiteye blueberries. Late blooming to miss that late frost, but ripening in a concentrated burst in May. Vigorous, upright plant with firm and very tasty berries. Ripens May. 450 chill hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft). $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft).

Sorry, not available at this time. AUSTIN Florida release. Super sweet berries are a blueberry grazers dream. Mid-size grower that suckers well. Ripens early June. 450-550 chill hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft).

BECKYBLUE Excellent sweet flavor, best eaten out of hand. Large fruit, good production. Ripens in May. 300-400 chill hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft). $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft).

Bluebelle Blueberry

BLUEBELLE We recommmend this berry highly. Beautiful, big, supremely flavored berries that ripen up a few at a time for over a month. Great for grazers. Ripens throughout June. 450-550 chill hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft). $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft).

Bluegem Blueberry BLUEGEM A variety that ripens its beautiful powdery blue berries all at once. Very heavy production and fruit holds well on the bush. Firm, with a distinct blueberry jam flavor. Ripens mid-June. 350-400 chill hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft). $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft).

Brightwell Blueberry

BRIGHTWELL Georgia release. Plants are super vigorous and upright. A heavy producer of light blue, firm berries with sweet sugary flavor. Ripens early June. 350-400 chill hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft). $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft).

CLIMAX One of the best varieties for commercial planting and for people who do a lot of freezing, as it has a very concentrated ripening period. One of the earliest to fruit. Large, firm-fleshed with a spicy sweet flavor. Ripens early May. 400-450 chill hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft).

Homebelle Blueberry HOMEBELLE An oldie but goodie, released in 1955 and developed in Tifton. A vigorous upright variety with medium blue berries.The big berries are mighty tasty eating and ripen over a month.Ripens June. 550-650 chill hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft). $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft).

Sorry, not available at this time.

Ochlockonee Blueberry OCHLOCKONEE Ochlockonee produces heavy quantities of late ripening, large berries (even larger than Tifblue!). A vigorous, upright grower Ochlockonee flowers late so it escapes late spring freezes. Developed at the University of Georgia and released in 2002 , it was named for the Ochlockonee river in southern Georgia. Ripens in July. 550-600 chill hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft). $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft).

Sorry, not available at this time. PINK LEMONADE Who would have thought – PINK blueberries!! Pink Lemonade produces bright pink berries that are gorgeous against its glossy green foliage. This new hybrid of rabbiteye and highbush blueberries will delight the eyes and the palate. If you’re looking for more than just another shrub in your yard, try Pink Lemonade. Mature height 5-6ft. Ripens in July. 200 chill hours. Needs another rabbiteye for pollination. $26.99 3 gal (2-3 ft).

Powderblue Blueberry

POWDERBLUE Late ripening. Very upright variety, makes excellent hedges. Fruit is powderblue and large, with an excellent sweet-tart flavor. Good fresh or frozen. 550-650 chill hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft). $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft).

Premier Blueberry

PREMIER Beautiful upright plants. Excellent flavor, light blue color, and very good quality. Highly productive. One of the best for fresh eating. Ripens late May, early June. 550 chill hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft). $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft).

Sorry, not available at this time.

SUMMER SUNSET Released in 2012 by the University of Georgia, Summer Sunset is a new blueberry that's delightful in the landscape as well as tasty. Watch the berries as they change from yellow-green, to orange-red, to red, to red-purple and finally deep blue/black when ripe. Pair Summer Sunset with Pink Lemonade for a wide contrast in your yard! Mature height is 4ft. Ripens early to late June. 300-500 chill hours. hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft).

Tifblue Blueberry TIFBLUE Hundreds of acres are planted with Tifblue. Many newer varieties have some Tifblue parentage, as it's one of the most popular standards for breeders. The plants are tall, vigorous, and upright. Berries are large, very firm, highly flavored, and hold well on the bush. Ripens late-June through July. 550-600 chill hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft). $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft).

Vernon Blueberry VERNON It may be a late bloomer, but it ripens early! Just released in 2004 by the University of Georgia, Vernon was breed to replace the old standard Climax. Vernon produces large quantities of big, sweet berries and because it flowers late it escapes those pesky last spring freezes. Ripens early to mid May. 500-550 chill hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft). $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft).

Southern Highbush (V. ashei x carymbosum)

A new breed of early ripening blueberry, Southern Highbush (also called Tetraploids) are a cross between Rabbiteye and Northern Highbush blueberries. Everything is different about these guys: the plants are smaller, the leaves look different (thicker and more crinkly) and they ripen early and bear more heavily than Rabbiteyes. These beauties need a soil high in organic matter for best production.

For Zone 9. Choose varieties within this group for pollination.

Emerald Blueberry

EMERALD Low chill and super production of big berries in April to May. A vigorous and spreading plant producing large clusters of berries. UF 2001 release (Patent 12165P2). 200-300 chill hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft). $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft).

Sorry, not available at this time.

PRIMADONNA Large, high-quality, firm berries that ripen from mid-April to early May. Excellent scar which makes it a great choice for freezing. 300 chill hours. $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft).

Sharpblue Blueberry

SHARPBLUE Most widely planted highbush variety in central and south Florida. Ripe by early May, but harvest extends over 6 weeks. Extra yummy! 150-250 chill hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft). $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft).

SPRINGHIGH Developed by the University of Florida, Springhigh is a vigorous upright bush with large, medium dark berries. Ripens mid April to mid May. 200-300 chill hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft).

Sorry, not available at this time. SPRINGWIDE Another tasty blueberry released by the University of Florida, Springwide is a large berry with excellent firmness and flavor. Springwide was named for its early spring ripening and somewhat spreading bush habit. Ripens from early April to May. 200 chill hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft). $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft).

SUNSHINE BLUE This semi dwarf blueberry is perfect for container growing as it will only grow 3-4 feet tall. Ripens from mid May to mid June. 150 chill hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft). $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft).

SWEETCRISP This blueberry is known for its unusual firmness and sweetness. Sweetcrisp is a vigorous grower with medium to large berries. 200-300 chill hours. $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft).

For Zone 8B. Choose varieties within this group for pollination.

Sorry, not available at this time. STAR Super large fruit on this early bearing, 1995 release from the University of Florida. Ripens late April to mid-May. 300-500 chill hours. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft).

WINDSOR Another release from the University of Florida, Windsor produces large crops of the largest berry of any southern highbush. Sweet, firm berries ripen from April-May. 400 chill hours. $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft).

Just the Facts

Not sure what to do with blueberries or how to grow them right? DON'T PANIC! Push the panic button and we will give you "Just the Facts" you need to successfully grow them.

It's The Soil, Katie Scarlet

Soil, Fertilize, Mulch

It's all about the soil with a blueberry. Drought tolerant, insect free and basically easy to grow-- if you get the soil pH right. Blueberries prefer well-drained, acidic soils and part to full sun. The plants simply can't take up the right nutrients if not planted in a soil pH of 4.5 to 5.5.

Definitely get a soil test if you are serious about growing blueberries. Your local county extension agent can help you with this. Adjust the soil pH with wettable sulphur to lower acidity and further amend the soil with acidic organic matter or pinebark. Keep the plants mulched with an acidic mulch like oak leaves or pinebark. Fertilize only with an acid fertilizer like Azalea/Camelia Special (12-4-8). NEVER put aluminum sulphate on a blueberry!!!

Are we out of what you are looking for? Email us at Justfruits@hotmail.com and we'll put you on the "Call When Available" list. We will call you!

Please come to see us if you can (Wednesday to Sunday, 9:05-5:08). We are located 19 miles south of Tallahassee, just off US Highway 98, 1 mile east of the intersection with US Highway 319 (South of Crawfordville center and actually in the village of Medart). If you need further directions, feel free to call us at 1-850-926-5644 or enter 30 Saint Frances St. Crawfordville FL 32327 (or Just Fruits Nursery) into Google Maps ( CLICK HERE).

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