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Mail Order Season begins in mid October 2014. Taking orders now!

For folks who can make the trip to the nursery, we're open year round except for part of July/August and Holidays. Come see us from Wednesday through Sunday, 9:05-5:08PM EST.

For all our local customers (and anyone willing to make the trip & save money!) we have our Pickup at Nursery Price List available.

Blackberries, Boysenberries, Raspberries and Elderberries

Homegrown backberries are well worth the effort. The fruit are always in short supply in the markets, and wild patchs are quickly disappearing to urban sprawl. Most of the varieties we grow are bred for their size, production, and excellent fresh flavor. In the landscape they make great hedges and backdrops for the flower border. All blackberries are self-pollinating.

   Click Here for the 2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to find out your areas hardiness zone.

Blackberry Varieties


Chickasaw Blackberry CHICKASAW Arkansas release, plant patent #11,861. Excellent, early ripening variety with large fruit that grows up to one inch! High yields over a 4 week season. Ripens mid-June. 500 chill hours. Zones 8A-8B. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft).

Sorry, not available at this time. CHOCTAW Early ripening Arkansas variety, plant patent #6,678. Very large up to 1 inch fruit. Excellent fresh . Ripe early June. 400 chill hours. Zones 8B-9. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft)

Kiowa Blackberry Kiowa Blackberry

KIOWA A University of Arkansas release (plant patent #9,861) with fruit the size of golf balls! Plants are very vigorous. Fruit is excellent quality and ripens one week after Choctaw. Ripens mid to late June. 200-300 chill hours. Zones 8A-9. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft)

Sorry, not available at this time.

NATCHEZ From the University of Arkansas (2007 release) and it's thornless!! Very large (8-10g), long berries on a semi-erect plant. Ripens a week before Ouachita. Ripens in early June. 400-500 chill hours. Zones 8A-8B. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft)

OSAGE New thornless variety (2013) developed by the University of Arkansas to advance the flavor to a higher level in thornless blackberry cultivars. Ripens between Natchez and Ouachita varieties. Ripens in early June. 200-300 chill hours. Zones 8A-8B. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft)

Ouachita Blackberry OUACHITA University of Arkansas release. Vigorous and productive thornless plant with 1 inch blackberries. Ripens starting early June over 5 weeks. 400-500 chill hours. Zones 8A-8B. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft)

Sorry, not available at this time.

Rosbourgh Blackberry

ROSBOROUGH A Texas variety, Rosborough is a thorny upright grower with plenty of fruit production. Good-sized berries are said to be “slightly acid”. Rosborough has been shown to be well-adapted to the coastal plain, according to the Clemson University Extension Office Home & Garden Information Center. Ripens late May. Zones 8B-9. $11.99 1 gal (2-3ft)

Boysenberry - Trailing Varieties

Sorry, not available at this time.

THORNLESS BOYSENBERRY Best jam-making berry around. Boysenberries are a flavor cross of raspberry and blackberry. Great flavor, and no thorns to boot! Thornless Boysenberry is a trailing plant that requires a trellis, and is self-pollinating. Ripens in July. Zones 8A-9. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft)

Sorry, not available at this time. THORNED BOYSENBERRY Same delicious berry but this one has thorns. Requires a trellis, and is self-pollinating. Ripens in July. Zones 8A-9. $11.99 1 gal (1-2ft)


CAROLINE RED RASPBERRY Finally an everbearing raspberry that’s suited for the south east. We’ve trialed many varieties of raspberries, Heritage, Bababerry and Dorman Red to name a few. All have succumbed to our hot humid climate or been so sour they are not worth growing. Carolina Red is a winner, rich and sweetly flavored, bearing a light summer crop on old canes and a heavy fall crop on new canes. If you’re a deprived raspberry lover that lives in the deep south, then Carolina Red will give you your fix. US Patent 10,412. Self-fertile. Zones 4-9 $16.99 1 gal (2-3ft).


Elderberry Flower FLORIDA SELECT ELDERBERRY (Sambucus canadensis). Did you know that elderberries have more vitamin C per unit weight than oranges or tomatoes? So raise a toast to elderberry wine and spread your toast with elderberry jam! This lovely native shrub, mostly evergreen in Zones 8-11, is found in wet woodlands and floodplain forests. The shrub is 6-10 feet tall with delicate, fernlike leaves. Masses of 10 inch, flat-headed clusters of tiny flowers resemble lilacs and bloom spring into fall. Small berries attract birds, butterflies, wine makers and other wildlife when ripe in late summer. Zones 8-11. $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft). Available in November.

BOB GORDON ELDERBERRY (Sambucus canadensis). Found in 1999 near Osceola, Missouri and developed by the University of Missouri, the Bob Gordon elderberry produces huge clusters of 1/4 inch berries. Pendulous flower heads prevent birds from getting all the fruit, too! Mature height 5-6ft. Ripens in July. Zones 6-9. $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft). LIMITED. Available in November.

SCOTIA ELDERBERRY (Sambucus canadensis). Named by the Nova Scotia Research Station in 1960, the Scotia has the highest sugar content of any named elderberry variety. Mature height 10ft. Ripens in July. Zones 4-9. $26.99 3 gal (2-3ft). LIMITED. Available in November.

Just the Facts

Not sure what to do with blackberries and boysenberries or how to grow them right? DON'T PANIC! Push the panic button and we will give you "Just the Facts" you need to successfully grow them.

Are we out of what you are looking for? Email us at Justfruits@hotmail.com and we'll put you on the "Call When Available" list. We will call you!

Please come to see us if you can (Wednesday to Sunday, 9:05-5:08). We are located 19 miles south of Tallahassee, just off US Highway 98, 1 mile east of the intersection with US Highway 319 (South of Crawfordville center and actually in the village of Medart). If you need further directions, feel free to call us at 1-850-926-5644 or enter 30 Saint Frances St. Crawfordville FL 32327 (or Just Fruits Nursery) into Google Maps ( CLICK HERE).

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